Scandal Review: By Any Means Necessary

Scandal never fails to disappoint upon returning from a break. Never. In fact, I think this show is incapable of disappointing at all right now. Scandal is on fire!

As the once-divergent story lines came crashing together around Olivia Pope, "Truth or Consequences" was a game-changer. 

I've said it all along, and tonight I was proven correct.

Hollis was not behind the assassination attempt. 

Truthfully, having him be the one behind it was too easy. Setting him up to make it look like he was behind it all, however, was brilliant. I have my theories about who set him up, but I'll probably be proven wrong somehow by some crazy loop Shonda will find a way to throw at us. That's okay, though. I can handle the ride on that roller coaster. Read More...


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