Girls Recap: The Monday Blues

Depleting three days worth of serotonin in a single set by Andrew Andrew might seem like a good idea. But the TV gods give us life as prescribed by D.A.R.E.; last weekend was a little too much fun, now the ladies must suffer from a textbook case of the Monday Blues. This episode even had me wanting to cry, in a Jemima cover-my-face-with-my-hands Kirke sort of way.

Because seriously, Elijah can’t leave! I am liv-id about this, to quote the man-child himself. Heaven forbid Hannah exercise her guilt gland in a single episode (shaming the suddenly lovable Marnie, the cunt!), but if Lena sidelines the comedic soul of season two, I will personally write on a poster that she’s to blame for ruining Girls and wave it at her next public appearance, just as soon as it’s warm enough to go outside. Luckily the less-than-triumphant return of our prodigal couples made for a suitable distraction from worrying about everyone’s gay best friend, not to mention making for pretty good television. This is thanks in large part to our favorite couple being made up of the recurring cast’s two best actors, Alex Karpovsky and Zosia Mamet. Read More...


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