Go On Season 1 Review “Matchup Problems”

Stunt casting has a long and storied history on television. Back when everyone with a television tuned into the same five networks in primetime, television shows could drum up a lot of interest in an episode if they touted a particular guest star. Once a staple of television viewing, stunt casting now barely moves the needle. If anything, it can do a lot more for the guest star than the show. It’s become something of a heat generator if the guest star is stepping out of his/her comfort zone (See Hamm, Jon, 30 Rock). This week, Go On took a shot at stunt casting by bringing out Monica Bing Jules Cobb Courtney Cox as a potential romantic interest for Ryan. Since Courtney Cox doesn’t need the heat (Have you watched Cougar Town recently?), her visit feels more like a desperation move for the flagging freshman comedy. I can’t imagine Cox’s visit produced much of a ratings increase, but a slight uptick may occur. Still, the question remains: How many of those people are likely to stick around? READ MORE...


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