The Americans Season 1 Review “The Oath”

One of the many things I love about "The Americans" is the way the various plotlines dovetail and complement each other perfectly, and the way different aspects of the show mirror each other. Tonight’s penultimate episode, "The Oath," featured exemplary instances of both, and set up the impending finale perfectly. You gotta love it when a show really comes together beautifully. But then, more often than not, "The Americans" has been right on the money right out of the gate. If there’s a better new show this year, I haven’t seen it. And what a relief that the show got an early renewal. That’s a nice show of faith for a network that has consistently stuck by even its more challenging material, a la "Sons of Anarchy" and "Justified," ratings be damned. If I were wanting to do an edgy, adult show, that’s where I’d go. AMC can suck it. (Sorry, "Mad Men" is a bore- yeah, I said it- and they really dropped the ball on "The Walking Dead" this season’s latter half.) READ MORE...


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