Revenge Season 2 Review “Engagement” – Fade to Black

Emily and Daniel’s renewed betrothal took center stage in "Engagement," this week’s episode of Revenge, but it was everything happening around the sort-of happy couple that was actually interesting. I mean, Jack and Victoria teaming up against Conrad? That alone takes the cake for unholy alliances that you never saw coming last year. I suppose it makes sense; only Emily rivals the two of them in her hatred for Conrad. Unfortunately, she’s still hiding behind her false identity, and Jack still hates her for her role in Amanda’s death, so he had to go to Mama Grayson. Their plan didn’t really work, though, as the photos of Conrad with the mayor’s wife turned out not to be evidence of an affair, but evidence that the mayor’s wife was trying to save her husband’s life by helping Conrad win the election. A loving wife is a creature Victoria can’t even comprehend; her eyes practically lit up when the woman warned her that the mayor’s office might just be a death sentence for Conrad. READ MORE...


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