The Cleveland Show Season 4 Review “Of Lice & Men”

In the latest episode of "The Cleveland Show", the cheekily-titled "Of Lice & Men", Rallo ran afoul of some critters that spelled doom for his heretofore unquestioned coolness factor- the dreaded hair lice. Forced to shave his head, Rallo must don a wig to escape ridicule, but alas, his fellow students smell a rat…or at least a toupee. Friend: "You wearing a wig? Your hair smells like street-ball and weed!" Rallo: "It’s Herbal Essence." Not fooled for a second, his friend rips off the wig, exposing Rallo for the imposter he is, bald head and all. This leads to a decidedly hurtful nickname: Mr. Peanut, due to the unusual shape of his head sans hair. This matter is not helped when classmates provide him with a monocle, a top hat and a cane! READ MORE...


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