Has any show ever mixed the beautiful with the disturbing more than Hannibal? It’s such an artfully made series about such ugly acts, much like its title character and what he does with those he murders. That opening moment on the beach was a great example of how Hannibal messes with us… Seeing Will and Jack walking along on a lovely, winter beach, only to then see the ghastly discovery in front of them. That human totem pole was another "I can’t believe this is actually on my TV right now" moment for the show. It was also another one of those moments that asks a lot as far as believing that one killer, on their own, accomplished what would be an incredibly daunting task to pull off. But the show is so strong in so many ways, it’s easy to forgive this leap we have to take with it sometimes. Besides, I’m sure Lance Henriksen, despite his age, could kick my ass, so sure, why not believe he would make a human totem pole by himself? READ MORE...


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