Pretty Little Liars Recap: Crawl Space

This episode was a study in contrasts. In some glittering moments, “Bring the hoe down” (high-five for that forced but fun punnery) featured what we so adore about this program: the sometimes-snappy dialogue, flashbacks that are even more disturbing than Don Draper’s trips down Whorehouse Memory Lane, Caleb’s blossoming friendship with Hanna’s mom. And yet it is also a perfect case study in what I believe to be the biggest weakness of our beloved drama: PLL’s bad habit of insisting that certain things or people are important without ever demonstrating their importance. There’s too much reliance on sloppy plot exposition through dialogue — “She’s been on to me ever since that ‘guilty tape,’ remember? From like 1,000 years ago? That I haven’t mentioned since then?” — and not enough of the (admittedly more difficult, but come on) groundwork of proving that any given character, event, plot twist, or piece of evidence is important through, you know, the actual development of the plot and the way that plot development affects these characters. Read More...


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