'Betrayal' review: Adultery is boring

ABC's tagline for its new drama "Betrayal" is "For a married woman, nothing is more dangerous than falling in love."Really? Nothing? Let's see if we can think of a few things more dangerous than that. - Heart disease. It's the No. 1 cause of death among women (and the population as a whole). Lead character Sara Hanley (Hannah Ware), the married woman in question who embarks on an affair, appears to be in decent shape, though, so it's probably not an immediate concern for her.- Accidents. The sixth-leading cause of death among women, per the CDC. Part of Sunday's (Sept. 29) series premiere involves Sara and her paramour, Jack McAllister (Stuart Townsend), meeting at a train station. She's on one side of the tracks, he's on the other. Gotta be careful crossing over.- Trans fats. See "heart disease" above.- Gun violence. "Betrayal" takes place in Chicago, which has seen a spike in gun-related homicides in...



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