'American Horror Story: Coven' episode 3 'The Replacements': Ready to be freaked out?

We've said through the first two episodes that "American Horror Story: Coven" has really been that scary so far. That all changed with "The Replacements," though not in a way we were expecting. Fiona Goode and the SupremesA flashback to 1971 reveals that Fiona figured out she was the next Supreme and decided to dispense with the current Supreme post haste, slitting her throat as they stood in the house in New Orleans. Back in present day, Madison starts exhibiting signs of possessing more than one power, which is how a Supreme manifests herself -- she can producer the as of yet unnamed "seven wonders." Fiona immediately thinks Madison is the new Supreme and that, coupled with her new cancer diagnosis, has her sweating the newbie's rise to power, which literally sucks the life force right out of her. So good ol' Fiona tests Madison a bit, gets her to trust her, gets her drunk...



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