Nikita Season 4 Review “Dead or Alive”

This week’s Nikita did a smart thing for any sci-fi/spy show – it introduced clones. The wacky pseudo-science has been trickling in to the world of the show for a while now, but there’ll likely be no complaints from fans about this new threat and, with only four weeks left to wrap things up, it’s a pretty efficient way to up the stakes on both a small scale within the team and a large scale across the entire world. World War Three is coming if Amanda gets her way, and it’s up to Nikita to stop it.

The introduction of replacements creates a lovely sense of body-snatchers paranoia around the show, and means that even the audience can’t be sure who’s who. The only small ray of sunshine is the fact that Amanda seems to be keeping the ‘originals’ alive and locked up, as we saw with the president in last year’s finale, so whoever we discover to be a fake can be recovered in the end. I love the choice of threat for this final season, and it should make every single episode feel like a part of the overarching mythology.



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