Once Upon a Time Season 3 Review “Save Henry”

Continuing the theme of the season, Once Upon a Time mustered up a so-so episode that had some good parts and some really bad parts. After an eternity in Neverland, we’re finally heading back to Storybrooke. The big question is whether the change has been too long coming and viewers may not recover from Pan-fatigue. I’m optimistic that a rebound is possible (the same can’t be said for Once Wonderland), but I have serious concerns because of Henry.

We finally learn how Regina came to adopt Henry. Though the curse gives her everything she could possibly want, Regina discovers that she is still lonely so she asks Gold to procure her a child. Gold locates Henry and arranges for the adoption. Once the baby arrives, Regina is quickly frustrated by her inability to soothe his perpetual crying. Then she learns that the baby is the grandson of Charming and Snow White and decides to give him back. At the last minute, Regina learns the meaning of motherhood and changes her mind.




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