Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 3 - The Painted World

Prue is at Buckland and speaking into a recorder regarding a painting. The painting is of a castle of sorts. She is speaking to a woman about its origins and such. The woman is in a hurry and Prue tells her to sign and she is then free to go. Prue rambles off a number of things that she needs before it can be auctioned off. Prue wants to research it but the woman doesn't want the best price. She merely wishes for it to be sold as soon as possible.

The camera zooms in on the painting.

Phoebe is talking to Piper on the phone and tells Piper that she ran Prue's car into a pole. Phoebe doesn't want Piper to tell Prue and says she doesn't want to lose Prue's trust. Phoebe says that she will have money fix it since she has an interview. She says she will tell Prue if she doesn't get the job. She walks into a room full of people waiting to be interviewed for the same job. The receptionist gives her an aptitude test. Phoebe sees the others who are waiting, talking about Stanford, Harvard, etc. and realizes they are all smarter than she.

Buckland: A light glows in a window on the painting. Prue looks up at it and gets a magnifying glass. She sees someone in the window.


Prue is speaking to her sisters about the painting and the man she saw in the window. Piper appears to not have been listening very well and changes the subject to the club she is trying to open. Phoebe appears carrying the Book of Shadows. Piper asks about the interview and Phoebe says it was fine. Prue asks for her car keys. Phoebe is forced to tell the truth about the pole. Prue doesn't seem to be too angry. Prue asks Piper about the painting and Piper replies that she should forget about it.

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