Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 19 - The Jung and the Restless

At the Manor, Phoebe and Piper are discussing the situation with Billie and Christie and Phoebe is skeptical that the two are the Ultimate Evil. Paige shows up to break up the fight and then gets a call from one of her charges. Paige orbs in as her charge fights with a Darklighter. After a brief struggle Paige orbs away with the girl.

It’s “Bring Your Child to Work Day” at the paper and Coop is there to talk with Phoebe and gripe that Phoebe isn’t dating Michael any more. When he doesn’t get anywhere he suggests she reach out to Billie and leaves. At Magic School, Billie is having second thoughts about the Halliwells and Christy is there to keep the hate going. Billie is going through the books and a message appears in one of them – “Talk to Phoebe.” Billie leaves and the message fades before Christy can see it.

The head Darklighter, Salek, wants to use Paige’s charge Mikelle to lure the Charmed Ones into a trap to kill them. Paige brings Mikelle to the Manor and then meets with Piper who is working on a Power of Three potion for Billie and Christy. Billie meets privately with Phoebe to discuss things, but Piper interrupts. Christy also shows up and when she acts to leave Piper throws the potion which Christy incinerates before teleporting out.

Mikelle is skeptical about Paige’s claim she is destined to become a Whitelighter and they’re interrupted when Piper and Phoebe come in, arguing. Piper is interrupted by the fact that the band is canceling out at P3, and they begin to realize they’re spread too thin. Billie is having doubts and Christy offers to show her a vision of how the Halliwells have lost their way.

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