Recap: "Spring Broken"

Ah, the joys of bonding. While the Walker boys bro out with the Spring Break crew in Baja, Kitty turns to Nora and Sarah for comfort (and sleep). But while Ryan and Rebecca grow a little closer when Ryan reveals a dark secret, Kitty and Robert seem to grow further and further apart. Read on for details on how it all worked out.

At Sarah's "hotel for criminals," Justin and Tommy are driving their generous older sister crazy by tying up her phone lines and swearing in front of the children. So, Sarah persuades Kevin to take the two black sheep away for the weekend for a little relief. She sweetens the deal by informing Kevin of a possible plea deal for Tommy, which Kevin thinks in the long run is the best idea for Tommy. Now with a motive for the weekend getaway, Kevin goes to Justin for help in picking a locale. Justin, up to his ears in admission essays, isn't big on the idea, until his suggestion (Baja) is the only one that comes close to grabbing Tommy's interest. So it's settled, a weekend of surfing, lobster and... boobs.

That's right - the "quiet" little rendezvous spot William used to take the boys has now been developed into Spring Break central, complete with every college party cliché known to man. Still believing the trip is actually to mend Justin's broken heart over Rebecca, Tommy sets out to find Justin some young ladies with which to rebound. The (appointment) sex-starved Kevin, however gets most of the attention - both from the girls and the "hottie shot guy" - and in his own frustration, Justin lets it slip that Tommy's plea deal is the real reason for the trip. Kevin urges Tommy to consider taking the "slap on the wrist" rather than draining his finances and facing the full force of all his charges by going to trial. Tommy is angry that the family always "goes to the mat" for Justin when he screws up, but no one will fight for him. With that said, Tommy decides the weekend is over, and heads back to the room to pack.

After talking to Rebecca and learning that Ryan is visiting, Justin becomes angry and jealous. That jealously leads him to take a moonlit walk on the beach with one of the girls Tommy pushed on Justin. You know, the one who just so happens to be a med student... and also happens to have a boyfriend. When they kiss, the aforementioned boyfriend and his posse chase Justin all the way back to his room, where he locks himself in with quarreling Tommy and Kevin. The quarreling continues until Tommy decides to "fix" the situation - both in Baja and his life back at home - like a big brother should. Unfortunately for Tommy, the slap on the wrist equivalent in Baja is getting "[his] ass kicked." The boys laugh it off around the fire, and Tommy - who says he envies the spring breakers and the friend of his who took off for Costa Rica after graduation -encourages Justin to not let the legal mess ruin what he was with Rebecca. Tommy also vows to stop following in the (bad) footsteps of his father and to take the plea deal, even if it means jail time. But when the morning comes, all that's left of Tommy is a note and an envelope for Julia. Costa Rica must have been too good to resist.

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