Joss Whedon Says Tonight's the Night to Watch Dollhouse - Featured

If you haven't been watching Dollhouse, no less an authority than series creator Joss Whedon says it's time to tune in. Earlier this week, Whedon hopped on the phone with a bunch of reporters to talk about why there's so much hype around tonight's sixth episode,"Man on the Street," which he says is the struggling series' best yet.

I wasn't sure about the show at the start, but it's been sucking me in - to the point that I might have told my real-life friends I was busy so I could hang with my fictional Fox friends instead. Uh . . . just kidding. That would be weird. Ahem.

Anyway. My point is, I'm into the show, but at this point there's still a lot to be explained in terms of the ground rules of this universe - possibly a result of Whedon's disputes with Fox over how to tell these stories. Whedon promises tonight's episode will answer a lot of questions for fans but says it's also a point where someone who has never seen the show before could jump in without a problem. Here are some of the big points from his chat:

* On whether hyping this episode could have a negative effect: "You know, there may have been a negative side to it, because we may have said, 'The first five episodes are crap,' which I don't believe. . . . There's also the negativity of somebody saying, 'Well, now he's blaming the network for the other episodes.' Like, no, no, no, no. We did our best to try and figure out how to put the show over with a new paradigm under the gun while we were in production or occasionally out of production. And then what happened with 'Man on the Street' was really, it just came to me as a concept really quickly. I pitched it to the network and for the first time, there was a real simpatico. They went, 'Oh, yes, we get that,' and it was a very simple thing."

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