MAD MEN ''Hands and Knees'' Review Season 4, Episode 10

This week's episode of MAD MEN entitled Hands and Knees had more than one character begging for something whether it be forgiveness, redemption, or another chance. First we see Don trying to get Sally to talk to him on the phone and we learn that she hasn't really spoken to him since she left his office and missed their last weekend together. However, the promise of a Beatles concert hit the right spot and Sally is, briefly, happy. Even Betty seems somewhat excited for Sally. The next time in the episode that Don has to beg someone to do something for him, it is not quite as simple.

Pete has been working on a client, North American Aviation, for some time. Finally, they get the execs in and all seems to go well with promises of a $4 million budget. Unfortunately, they all need security clearance. Even more unfortunate is the fact that Don's new secretary, former receptionist, Megan, filled out the security clearance paperwork for Don and he signed it without reading it because That's what I do. After two FBI agents show up at the former Draper house and spend 45 minutes questioning Betty about Don, Don starts to panic. Although Betty covered for him without his asking, he is not sure that he can say that everyone will do the same and immediately barks orders to have Pete see him as soon as he returns. Pete is then put into a bind by having to use his source at the Department of Defense to quash the security clearance, all to save Don, and at the expense of losing the client. Pete notes that Don is putting him in a difficult and uncomfortable position all because Don can't figure out who he is. Pete does not relish or know how to even explain to the partners how they lost a $4 million account. Pete bears the brunt of the partner's anger, especially Roger how is deflecting his own defeat, and Don barely steps in to defend Pete. I think Pete and Don's relationship broke beyond repair at that moment. Right now Pete needs Don at the agency. Should that change in the future, I have no doubt Pete would turn on Don in an instant.

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