Glee Season 1, Episode 2: "Showmance" - Recap

The students aren't the only ones with romantic woes. Guidance counselor Emma harbors some intense feelings for the glee coach, and purposely runs into him just to grab his attention. She's later seen belting "All By Myself" and crying her eyes out over Will in her car. Even the "Cheerios," aka the bitchy cheerleaders, realize Will and Emma need to "get a room." Speaking of the Cheerios, their leader is the craziest of them all. Attempting to drag down the glee club, Sue Sylvester offers Will a position on the Cheerios as her assistant, but Will sticks to his guns, ready to prepare the glee club for battle.

Back to the high school romance, Rachel would desperately love to find herself on the arm of Finn, but his actual girlfriend Quinn isn't letting go anytime soon. She offers to let him touch her breast if he quits the glee club, which is saying a lot since she's a member of the celibacy club. Finn, too, sticks to his guns, even if his girlfriend has become his "big gay beard." To hang on to her jock-turned-singer boyfriend, Quinn lays down the law with Rachel, telling the latter to stay away from her man.

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