Show List: White Guys Chatting Up Celebrities

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No talking AKA The List list.

Don't talk during these. I will rewind if I miss a sentence. I will rewind if I miss a word. I will do this several times, if necessary, to make sure I hear and understand everything that happens. I DON"T CARE IF IT WASN'T IMPORTANT! I will pause the show and stare at you until you realize the rules. If you continue to talk during my stories I will cut you. If you anticipated this reaction and have taken all the knives away and all I have is a spoon, I will bend the spoon until it is sharp enough to stab you, and then I will stab you with it. Once you realize these are the rules we will be able to proceed with the watching of the show. Or I'll just watch it by myself. Snacking is encouraged.
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Some Day I'll Bang These Out

These are those shows where there's already a bunch of seasons out, and everyone has a boner for the show, but I haven't started watching it yet, and for some reason I can't get motivated to start S1E1 because for some reason I don't think I'm going to like it, even though I know I'm going to end up loving it, because that's what always happens with these type shows.. So some day I'll get around to knocking out the whole series....some day.
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