Summer Pasture poster

Summer Pasture

Filmmakers Lynn True, Nelson Walker and Tsering Perlo offer a look into a venerable but vanishing way of life in this documentary. Locho raises cattle in the Kham territory of Eastern Tibet, grazing his animals along the grassy plains high in the mountains. For Locho and his wife Yama, raising cattle is a life without firm roots; they're nomads who move at the dictates of the weather and their animals, but as conditions become all the more unpredictable in Tibet (both environmentally and politically), many of Locho's peers have given up the nomadic life and he's given thought to following suit. Summer Pasture follows Locho, Yama and their new baby through a year of wandering with their herds as they meet fellow cattlemen, move their yurt from place to place, take in the beauty of the land and wonder if they can have another child, given China's strict laws restricting couples to three children (Yama has already given birth to two babies that did not survive). Summer Pasture was an official selection at the 2010 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.