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The Day

A small band of friends makes an uneasy alliance with a mysterious lone wolf in this blend of horror and adventure. An unnamed catastrophe has turned the Earth into a wasteland, and as packs of feral cannibals wander the countryside, a dwindling number of survivors struggle to stay alive. Rick (Dominic Monaghan), Adam (Shawn Ashmore), Henson (Cory Hardrict), and Shannon (Shannyn Sossamon) have been traveling together for months, and are the last living members of a much larger group. Mary (Ashley Bell) is a solitary fighter who has crossed paths with the survivors and is now traveling with them; she isn't interested in discussing her past or becoming friends, but the others soon discover she's a powerful ally in a fight. The travelers take shelter in a house, but are soon surrounded by cannibals and they quickly learn just how strong a fighter Mary can be, while also discovering the terrible truth that led her to wander alone. The Day was directed by Douglas Aarniokoski, who has accumulated extensive credits as an assistant director as well as helming second unit material on major films.