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The Double - 2011 poster

The Double - 2011

A retired CIA spy and a fledgling FBI agent team up to investigate the murder of a US senator and catch a notorious killer in this high-stakes political thriller starring Richard Gere and Topher Grace). Back when he was an active operative, Paul Shepherdson (Gere) devoted his every waking minute to capturing "Cassius" - an elusive Soviet hit-man with a spectral reputation. Decades later, Shepherdson believes that "Cassuis" has been taken out of the game. But when a US senator is assassinated and all evidence links the killing to "Cassius", Shepherdson's former boss Tom Highland (Martin Sheen) convinces his old operative to investigate. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Geary (Grace), becomes positively certain that the high profile murder is the work of the notorious Soviet hatchet man, and begins working with Shepherdson to crack the case. Now in order to learn their target's true identity, Shepherdson and Geary must first revisit the entire case from top to bottom. In the process, the two determined men uncover a clue that indicates "Cassius" may not, in fact, be the prime suspect that the government has been chasing for decades, but instead the last person anyone ever expected.
First Images from THE DOUBLE Starring Richard Gere and Topher Grace
Stana Katic and Odette Yustman Join Spy Thriller THE DOUBLE