Best of Free Streaming Movies:   U.S.   Canada   UK


U.S. Free Streaming Movies


If you don't care about plot but love stunning cinematography, then boy is this film for you!

The Seventh Seal

Classic Bergman film and one of the most influential visual references of the last half century.

The Evil Dead

Cult classic comedy horror. As with everything but The Godfather, the original is still the best.

The Ten

Biblical parables from the warped minds behind Wet Hot American Summer.

To Die For

A (very) dark comedy in which Nicole Kidman is a fame-hungry monster! Yes, it's fiction.

Harry Brown

Michael Caine is super Michael Caine-esque in this film about a vengeful vet.


That band that screams the CSI franchise's theme songs made a movie. Jack Nicholson sings in it.

The People vs. Larry Flynt

The movie that made a star out of Courtney Love. Despite this, it's excellent.

Canada Free Streaming Movies

Air Force One

Politics on a plane! Way scarier than snakes.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Monty Python's best/oddest sketches collected in one film.

Boyz n the Hood

John Singleton's influential debut about the early 90s LA gang scene. So, you know, a hilarious romp.

Easy Rider

60's counter-culture motorcyclists tool around and do drugs. A beloved classic.


Richard Attenborough's epic, multiple Oscar-winning Gandhi biopic.


Denzel Washington is electric in this American Civil War pic for which he won his first Academy Award. Also stars Ferris Bueller.

Taxi Driver

One of the greatest films of all time. Seriously. Do not screw with Travis Bickle.


A comedy about the Ecstasy trade featuring Sarah Polley and Katie Holmes. How'd two nice girls like them get involved in drugs?!

UK Free Streaming Movies

On the Waterfront

This movie coulda been a contender! Actually, it WAS a contender!

An American Werewolf in London

A horror classic with a self-explanatory title.

All the King's Men

Turns out American politics have been corrupt for a very, very long time. Willie Stark is a villain for the ages.

Our Man in Havana

Alec Guinness as a vacuum cleaner-salesmen turned secret agent with source material by novelist Graham Greene. YOLO before YOLO was even a thing.


If you're addicted to inspirational sport films, this is the purest form of the drug for consumption.

All the Real Girls

This Sundance darling features a pre-twee Zooey Deschanel.


Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and the unspeakable horror of being too wealthy.


Where there's cultural rot, there's Hollywood. Luckily this movie is just about cultural rot, not an example of it.