Be a World Cup (Viewing) Star!

We love soccer (or as the rest of the world knows it, football), and as a couple billion people around the world are aware, there's no more exciting time for a footie fan than World Cup season! We hate to miss even one minute of the monthlong event, so over the years we’ve tried out lots of different viewing methods—with varying degrees of what could generously be called success. This year we’ve decided to share a couple of methods (or “coach you”) in order to help you realize your dream of being the best in the world at watching 64 matches of the beautiful game.

If you live in the US, you have a couple of options. First, we have to ask, do you have a Cable or Satellite subscription?

Did you know that ABC and its sister-station, ESPN, in addition to broadcasting every game live on television, are offering live-streams of every single match? Seriously. Go to (or use the Watch ESPN app on your mobile device) and log in with your Cable/Satellite information for access to everything they offer—including multiple languages and alternate camera angles!

Option 1: Go for the Golden Boot

Have we mentioned before how much we at SideReel love proxies? As television fanatics who live in the US, we hate being left behind during the amazing pageantry that is Eurovision, so we invested in a proxy service ($6/month or $50/year). Sure, there are free proxies out there, but the IP addresses they use are constantly being shut down. Unless you want to spend hours each day finding valid British IP addresses before they get whack-a-moled away (we don’t), save yourself a headache and take the easy way out. If you’re using this method, you only want the best, which is why we’re suggesting you check out the BBC’s World Cup coverage via iPlayer, or, for some variety, ITV's via ITV Player. For variety, check out this list of networks with broadcast rights to the World Cup and connect to the correct local gateway.

  1. Grab the personalVPN™ (Basic) service from WiTopia.
  2. After following their easy download instructions, open up the application.
    1. Optional: Set London as your Favorite Gateway.
  3. Connect to the London gateway.
  4. Head over to BBC iPlayer or ITV Player.
  5. Watch until you can’t watch anymore.

Option 2: Settle for Silver

Free streams are so 2k7, you know? But just because they’re passé doesn’t mean they’re worthless. Sure, the quality varies, and you never know whether you’ll be able to use the same stream hour-to-hour, let alone day-to-day, but they’re FREE, and the only effort required is to find one and click play. Some caveats: these sites may have pop-up ads and/or malware, and may suffer extreme buffering issues.

  1. Google some variation on the following terms: “fifa stream” “world cup stream” “brazil world cup stream”
  2. If that doesn’t yield immediate results, see if there are already streams available on any of these (generally fairly complete) livestream clearinghouse sites:

So there you have it. Two simple methods that yield maximum results. Give ‘em hell—and don't forget to track the series here on SideReel to ensure you don't miss match!