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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Premieres: Sept. 24th at 8PM

Why to Watch: Joss Whedon & TV are a pretty great match, he did awesome w/ The Avengers movie, & the trailer is amazing. No better way to bide our time til Avengers 2.

Why Not to Watch: The effects budget will be smaller than a movie's, & in a show that's heavily reliant on effects, this could be a problem. Also, TV & superheros haven't had the best track record of late. (Heroes. No Ordinary Family. The Wonder Woman reboot.)

Once Upon a Time In Wonderland

Premieres: Oct. 10th at 8pm

Why to Watch: You love Once Upon a Time, and will gladly enter another land of make-believe and modern sensibilities.

Why Not to Watch: If you're a fan of the original series, you know that the history of Wonderland has already been set up. Unfortunately, this series doesn't include the Mad Hatter nor the Queen of Hearts that we've already been introduced to.

Super Fun Night

Premieres: Oct. 2 at 9:30PM

Why to Watch: Rebel Wilson has been hilarious in movies, and hosting MTV's Movie Awards, why wouldn't she be hilarious on TV as well?

Why Not to Watch: Rebel Wilson deserves so much better! Centering a show on a self-conscious character, (even if the actress isn't), is a dumb waste of time


Premieres: Sept. 29th at 10PM

Why to Watch: Scandal is sexy and all, but now it's got you craving even more steamy television about a couple sneaking around, doing it.

Why Not to Watch: How can you root for characters whose relationship is based on cheating on their respective signifigant others?

The Goldbergs

Premieres: Sept. 24th at 9PM

Why to Watch: It's aiming to do for the 80s The Wonder Years did IN the 80s for the 60s. And you loved The Wonder Years.

Why Not to Watch: We're already sick of the 80s revival, and besides, Chris Rock already did this (and better) with Everybody Hates Chris.

Lucky 7

Premieres: Sept. 24th at 10PM

Why to Watch: ABC has had a pretty good track record for dramas lately, so at least capable minds are behind this series about the pitfalls of winning the lottery.

Why Not to Watch: Unless they end up on LOST island, lottery winners do not sympathetic characters make.

Trophy Wife

Premieres: Sept. 24th at 9:30PM

Why to Watch: Malin Akerman is usually a pretty likeable actress, even in irritating circumstances.

Why Not to Watch: These are really irritating, and, frankly, kind of offensive circumstances. Aren't we over the meddling ex-wives and manipulative step-children thing?

Back in the Game

Premieres: Sept. 25th at 8:30PM

Why to Watch: Well, at least it's no longer called "She's Got Balls."

Why Not to Watch: Girl is a top softball player until she loses a scholarship and gains a baby and a deadbeat husband. Sounds like a really fun comedy, for sure, except not really at all.


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