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We Are Men

Premieres: Sept. 30th at 8:30PM

Why to Watch: We can think of no reason.

Why Not to Watch: See above.


Premieres: Sept. 23rd at 9:30PM

Why to Watch: Anna Faris and Allison Janey are hilarious, plus Chuck Lorre is known for creating hit comedies (Two and a Half Men & The Big Bang Theory)

Why Not to Watch: Most of Chuck Lorre's comedies are male-centric... can he write realistic funny women?


Premieres: Sept. 23rd at 10:00PM

Why to Watch: Toni Collette played multiple characters on United States of Tara, so there's no doubt she can play this single role.

Why Not to Watch: How can they sustain the premise of a family under "hostage" for an entire season? And what about when that season ends?

The Millers

Premieres: Oct. 3rd 8:30PM

Why to Watch: Because Will Arnett is hilarious.

Why Not to Watch: Because even Will Arnett can't save a stale looking show filled with a laughtrack, and unispired family comedy.

The Crazy Ones

Premieres: Sept. 24th at 9:00PM

Why to Watch: Robin Williams got his start in television, and knows what's funny. And the advertising industry deserves some skewering.

Why Not to Watch: Thirty minutes of Robin Williams' rapid-fire wit might prove to be tiresome. Also: Sarah Michelle Gellar might not be able to to hold her own against him.


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