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Premieres: Oct. 2nd at 10:00PM

Why to Watch: Blair Underwood is a solid TV talent, and who doesn't love a good police procedural?

Why Not to Watch: It's kind of not cool that they didn't hire an actual paralyzed actor for this role, but that's not nearly as offensive as how by-the-book this series looks.

Sean Saves the World

Premieres: Oct. 3rd at 9:00PM

Why to Watch: Sean P. Hayes was one of the funniest things on Will & Grace, and it's about time he got his own show.

Why Not to Watch: The show could be nothing but a series of gay-dad-is-inept-dad jokes that will quickly wear thin.

The Blacklist

Premieres: Sept. 23rd at 10:00PM

Why to Watch: No one does creepy intensity better than James Spader, and him as a villain teamed up with a female hero could be a poweful combo.

Why Not to Watch: The Following — this time with a girl instead of Kevin Bacon!

The Michael J. Fox Show

Premieres: Sept. 26th at 9:00PM

Why to Watch: Michael J. Fox is back on TV, finally, and the series, which is heavily influenced by his own life, looks funny, and groundbreaking.

Why Not to Watch: Watching Michael J. Fox poke fun at his own very real Parkinson's disease is a little...disturbing. Shouldn't we feel bad for laughing?

Welcome to the Family

Premieres: Oct. 3rd at 8:30PM

Why to Watch: An unplanned pregnancy AND a culture clash? Hilarity will have no choice but to ensue!*

Why Not to Watch: *Actually, no, this sounds terrible.


Premieres: Oct. 26th at 10:00PM

Why to Watch: There is no end for your love of bloodsuckers on TV, and Dracula is the best bloodsucker of all.

Why Not to Watch: Seriously? Another show about vampires?


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