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"Your own pocket TV planner is now available with the new SideReel iOS application. Add your favorite shows to the app’s tracker and SideReel will alert you when new episodes are airing."
The Christian Science Monitor Staff - May 16, 2014
"SideReel’s tracker allows fans to mark off episodes of shows that they’ve watched and receive alerts when new episodes of favorite shows are airing on TV."
Adam Flomenbaum - March 13, 2014
"As things stand today, there is too much friction in the marketplace. We shouldn’t be cutting consumers off from their favorite shows. Instead, we should be finding new ways to better connect viewers with entertainment content, and helping them understand the appropriate options for enjoying that content—wherever they are and on whatever platform they choose."
Bart Myers - April 5, 2013
"SideReel has had a big week. First came news that the San Francisco-based online TV hub had been acquired by Rovi, and somewhat simultaneously they launched a partnership with Tubefilter to help curate their booming Web TV section."
Marc Hustvedt - March 3, 2011
"Rovi, a provider of entertainment guide information and copy protection technology,announced yesterday that it has acquired San Francisco-based SideReel, a startup that provides personalized guides to online television content."
Wade Roush - March 2, 2011
"Adding another confidence-booster to the 2011 M&A forecast, digital entertainment company Rovi announced Tuesday morning that it has acquired TV tracking site SideReel."
Faith Merino - March 1, 2011
"The app will zip you notifications when your shows are airing, and the app contains a database of more than 24,000 programs to search through, so you’re pretty well guaranteed to find what you’re looking for."
Phil Hornshaw - February 15, 2011
"I took a close look at Sidereel, the largest independent guide to online TV offerings. Sidereel founder and CEO Roman Arzhintar told me the company wants to be 'the dialtone for TV.'"
Wade Roush - February 15, 2011
"The site not only gives you a schedule of shows, but also shows you where to download and watch them."
Jeffrey Powers - February 15, 2011
AppCrazed recommends SideReel's new iOS app.
Staff - February 15, 2011
"The best service I’ve found for locating and tracking my favorite shows comes from a San Francisco startup called Sidereel."
Wade Roush - February 7, 2011
"TV listings and commentary site SideReel has launched an iPhone app allowing you to track your favorite shows, schedule push notifications before they air and cross off episodes you've seen to avoid repeat viewing."
Wayne Karrfalt - February 4, 2011
"This clever app aims to be a TV companion, providing users with a show tracker, a library of 24,000 shows, and push notifications when favorite shows are about to start."
Joe White - February 4, 2011
"If you have a hard time remembering when your favorite shows are on, you should definitely check out SideReel."
Leo Huang - February 4, 2011
"According to online video platform Sidereel, the number of viewers watching TV online tripled in 2010."
Editorial - February 4, 2011
", an online TV destination, has launched a free iOS app today in the iTunes Store. It's like having a television guide in your pocket."
Troy Dreier - February 4, 2011
"Obviously SideReel is light years ahead of conventional television in terms of geographic and behavioral targeting."
Phil Leigh - February 3, 2011
"According to SideReel, an independent Web TV destination with a base of more than 10 million monthly unique users, 40% of respondents had connected their computer to their TV in the past month, a three-fold increase over last year's results."
Jack Loechner - January 28, 2011
"A survey by TV aggregator SideReel has come up with some interesting findings, including the fact that watching streaming on the big screen tv is exploding."
Editorial Staff - January 24, 2011
IPTV outlet reports on the results of SideReel's winter user survey.
Gary Kim - January 24, 2011
"Sidereel Survey says Social Media not important for TV viewers - In the survey, only 25% said they want to see what friends are watching and only 10% want to tell others."
Christophor Rick - January 23, 2011
"SideReel acts as an online medium, connecting users to content centered around the shows that interest them and organizing the information around those shows."
Richard Kastelein - January 22, 2011
"Just 25% of consumers express an interest in sharing what they’re watching with friends, according to a new study from SideReel."
Gavin O'Malley - January 21, 2011
"SideReel, a TV watcher community with 10 million monthly unique visitors, has just released the results of their online survey."
Alexander Grundner - January 21, 2011
"Those planing to place television at the heart of social media campaigns may be disappointed, according to a survey carried out by online TV destination SideReel."
Editorial Staff - January 21, 2011
"According to a survey conducted by online television hub SideReel, expectations about social media and television may be a little bit too high."
Patricio Robles - January 21, 2011
"A new survey conducted by TV guide site SideReel found that most people aren’t comfortable sharing what they’re watching on TV with their friends."
Cory Bergman - January 21, 2011
"The number of people who watch online video through their TV has tripled over the last year, according to online video platform SideReel.
Editorial - January 20, 2011
"San Francisco-based ad supported online TV episode aggregator SideReel has gathered a sizeable (10 million+) monthly audience of forward-thinking users since launching in 2007, an audience it might be interesting to listen to gain insight into current viewing trends."
Wayne Karrfalt - January 20, 2011
"While price and network sensitivity to Google TV will likely slow its initial dominance in the living room, we expect GTV and our other ‘living room’ integrations under development to become a significant part of our business over the next few years."
Faith Merino - January 19, 2011
"Catalogues like Sidereel that help you find TV, films and music available online."
Staff - January 19, 2011
"Viewers are increasingly watching online video on their TV. "
Janko Roettgers - January 19, 2011
"SideReel CEO Roman Arzhintar noted that users average check back at SideReel once every three days, and a large number of them return to the site 40-50 times a month."
Faith Merino - January 5, 2011
Entertainment guru Simon Applebaum and SideReel CEO Roman Arzhintar talk Fall TV trends and connected TV devices.
Simon Applebaum - December 6, 2010
"SideReel, a personalized guide to TV online, directs users to online viewing sources for any given TV show or movie. It is available on Google TV."
Pam Baker - November 11, 2010
"SideReel, the site that lets you track your favorite shows online and provides you with the best ways for watching them, has announced a new Google TV optimized version of the site which is available in beta for GTV users."
Tyler Cunningham - October 28, 2010
"SideReel's audience is a tech savvy bunch of early adopters, many of whom claim to watch Internet TV on their televisions through a variety of devices."..."Google TV + SideReel is a great way to combine the value proposition, and we expect our audience to be early adopters of Google TV."
Faith Merino - October 28, 2010
"More people are finding it convenient to consume content without ever turning on their television," he [CEO Roman Arzhintar] said."
Jenna Wortham - August 27, 2010
"SideReel, which raised $1.5 million in angel funding since 2007, recently hit a milestone of one million visitors per day to its Web site, a place where people track their favorite TV shows and talk about their favorite TV shows."
Bambi Francisco Roizen - August 17, 2010
"New statistics released by video search site SideReel reveal an interesting phenomenon—the shows that are most popular on TV aren't necessarily the most popular on the Web."
Megan O'Neill - June 9, 2010
"What do Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Vampire Diaries have in common? They're all shows that are more popular online than on broadcast TV – that is, if you believe recent data from online video search site SideReel."
Ryan Lawler - June 8, 2010
SideReel is "perfect for those of you who've ditched cable to watch your TV online."
Kevin Purdy - May 18, 2010
Names SideReel as "a favorite site for free streaming video".
Sarah Jacobsson - April 23, 2010
"The OnHollywood 100 is a power list of the top private emerging technology companies in digital entertainment and media. SideReel was handpicked by the AlwaysOn editorial team based on a set of five criteria--innovation, market potential, customer adoption, media buzz and investor value creation."
May 30, 2008
"Mr. Arzhintar believes the special sauce for SideReel lies in its one-stop-shop approach to TV shows. It serves as a hub to direct fans to various ways to interact with or watch a show."
Daisy Whitney - September 30, 2007
"Recently launched SideReel wants to be a combination Internet video portal, TV guide and search engine," said Arzhintar, 34.
Greg Sandoval - April 27, 2007