Oscar Snubs

The Oscars are still about a month away, but that doesn’t mean things can’t annoy us already! Let’s talk snubs.

The Best Picture category is a bloated mess. They really should go back to a five-movie limit, since this “up-to-ten nominees” nonsense merely guarantees that some lucky movies will make it into the running because there are just too many slots to fill. (This may explain why Amour got a nod in both Best Picture AND Best Foreign Language Feature, an impressive achievement for a movie the majority of moviegoers probably has never heard of.)

It also means at least four directors are going to get the shaft in the Best Directing category. (Of course, even back when there were only five Best Picture nominees, at least one director would also get the snub, leading me to ponder, “Did that movie direct itself or something?”)

For me, the biggest snub has to go to Ben Affleck, whose film Argo is nominated for Best Picture, despite his not getting a Best Directing nod. Poor Ben Affleck. Will the academy never forgive him for Gigli? Guess his Golden Globe wins will just have to placate him for now.

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