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It's Always Sunny Episodes Ranked

Featured Movie

Of COURSE this won Best Original Song. How could it not? The tune and the movie were equally awesome — and now Adele's halfway to her EGOT.

Top Films Online

Also Available

  • The Invisible War The Invisible War

    Disturbing true tales of assault and justice in the US Armed Forces.

  • 5 Broken Cameras 5 Broken Cameras

    Filmmakers bridge the Israeli-Palestinian divide in the unsettled region.

  • Brave Brave

    Another stunner from the wizards at Disney's Pixar.

  • The Avengers The Avengers

    Up for Visual Effects... maybe because it has Scarlett J. in a catsuit?

  • Prometheus Prometheus

    Also up for Visual Effects. Watch the surgery scene and understand why.

  • Snow White and the Huntsman Snow White and the...

    Charlize Theron at her icy best battling K Stew's Snow White.

  • ParaNorman ParaNorman

    The stop-motion zombie film that might give Pixar a run for its money.

  • Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror

    The other Snow White movie (aka the one with Phil Collins' daughter).

Animated Shorts

  • Fresh Guacamole Fresh Guacamole

    Turns out fresh guacamole can be made out of just about anything.

  • Adam and Dog Adam and Dog

    Beautifully-crafted short about the first man and his faithful friend to the end.

  • Paperman Paperman

    Disney's trademark romantic animated nostalgia.

  • The Longest Daycare The Longest Daycare

    A day in the life of Maggie Simpson.