Web TV Picks

  • Creepy Priest

    Creepy Priest

    What's in a name? Well, in this case, pretty much everything. He's a priest, he's creepy (as hell); he's the Creepy Priest! Follow the scandalous hijinks of Father Leahy in this hilarious and unforgiving religious satire. Then make your way to confessional.

  • Soft Focus

    Soft Focus

    Accomplished musician (Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up), author, and now, interviewer, Ian Svenonius presents a thoughtful and provocative talk show with "Soft Focus." Picking the brains of musicians like Henry Rollins, Chan Marshall, and Andrew W.K., Ian's unique, engaging, and esoteric style will have you hooked. Save yourself!

  • Songify This

    The "Auto-Tune the News" guys, The Gregory Brothers, take on web memes with "Songify This." Their spontaneously viral and always funny tunes take on beloved subjects like "Strut that Ass" man, Obama "sings to the Shawties," and many more from the interwebs' LOL vaults. Something for everyone here!

  • Start of Ur Ending

    Start of Ur Ending

    Fresh out of jail and hot off the release of his autobiography, prolific rapper Prodigy (Mobb Deep) steps into the web series world with "Start of Ur Ending." Stark lighting and real talk dominate the first episode, in which Prodigy talks about jail, reaching out to Nas, and the legacy of his group.

  • Ecommando


    Atom brings us a treat for Earth Day: Ecommando! Out of work and in a rut, former Navy man Leon becomes a hired gun for the dark underworld of hippies (A.D. Miles) hellbent on getting back at the globo-corps polluting the planet. Armed with a Smart car named B.R.O. (voice of David Cross), Leon is sent out on assignment in defense of Mother Earth.

  • Sports Ballz

    If "The League" and those ESPN commercials were actually funny, they'd be a lot more like "Sports Ballz." Sport parody seems like a train a lot are hopping onto lately ("Onion SportsDome" and whatever that Norm show is...), yet SB adds another layer with hilarious and spot-on impressions of actual athletes and current events. Catch up on all their Funny or Die videos now!

  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy

    Mortal Kombat: Legacy

    What initially started as a trailer for a movie that didn't exist, snowballed into an internet sensation, and now, an action-packed web series. "Mortal Kombat: Legacy" takes a different look at the MK universe: it's grittier, highly entertaining, and much darker. Jeri Ryan ("Star Trek: Voyager") and Michael Jai White ("The Dark Knight") star.

  • Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect

    Photojournalism is something that impacts our lives via all forms of media, yet many of us fail to understand the intricacies of this art and science. Telling a story through pictures is a talent, and "Picture Perfect" showcases those who possess it. Yet again, VBS opens a window to a world which many of us never get a glimpse.

  • Matumbo Goldberg

    A clueless couple adopt a 30-year-old African "orphan" in this new Atom Original comedy series. Hoping to keep his cushy new life, Matumbo (played amazingly by the criminally underrated Anthony Anderson), gets his friends to help him perpetuate the lie. Catch the first episode now!

  • Hawaii Five-0: Undiscovered

    Hawaii Five-0: Undiscovered

    This new travel series, thankfully, has little to do with its primetime TV counterpart. Instead of cheesy one-liners about surfing or Scott Caan painfully glaring into the sun/camera, "Undiscovered" offers a view of Hawaii backdrops used throughout the show. "Undiscovered" makes traveling via YouTube...kind of alluring!

  • The GameRev.com

    The GameRev.com

    If "Grandma's Boy" was a web series, it would strongly resemble "The GameRev.com." Before you get spastic (or have never seen the former) over the comparison, please note that I consider that a compliment of the highest order. Fun and geeky, but not esoteric, any non-gamer would enjoy this show about a game review site that gets a publishing deal.

  • Freelancers

    Work sucks. Especially so if you're a freelancer in today's economy. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Instead of trolling Craigslist for opportunities to sell your plasma, catch up on the first two episodes of the new series that nails what it's like to be a young, yearning creative professional. "I just want to do meaningful, important work!" Indeed.

  • The Confession

    The Confession

    It's finally here, but does this slickly-produced, star-studded, overly-hyphenated web series live up to the hype? So far, I'd say, YES. Dramatic, action-packed, and visual stunning, the first 3 episodes leave me wanting more!

  • Bad Lip Reading

    Bad Lip Reading

    Rebecca Black took over the internet for a week, now Bad Lip Reading may just fill the void she left in her wake. It's not episodic in nature, but the BLR people (person?) seems to be on point with hilarious interpretations, like Black, Bieber, and the Black Eyed Peas.

  • Last Man(s) on Earth

    If you believe Jugement Day is coming May 21st, you should probably catch up on the tips the Last Man(s) have to offer. A spoof of the (sometimes) moronic survival shows the Discovery Channel loves, the series aims to give you a leg up on the apocalypse. #Niceknowingya

  • Solo


    The schmucky, yet lovable, Scott Drivhal is chosen for a reality series on which he'll spend 3 years alone in space. Problem is, the show gets canceled pretty much instantly. Catch up on this hilarious series before it returns this Spring.

  • Kids React to Viral Videos

    Kids React to Viral Videos

    We've all watched 'em, but now you can watch KIDS watching 'em! The always clever Fine Bros. bring us the web's viral sensations filtered through the eyes of the youth of America. A little "Wonder Showzen," a lot funny.

  • Besties

    The Besties, Gabe and Jenny, take your questions in this goofy and cute series. There aren't nearly enough episodes, but you can catch all of them right here on SideReel.

  • Night of the Zombie King

    Night of the Zombie King

    After being ousted from the world of pro RPG-ing, Jaz returns home and reunites with his old gaming crew. A continuation of sorts of the acclaimed web series, "Gold," "Zombie King" delves into the complex relationships of old friends...and rivals.

  • Minor Stars

    Minor Stars

    Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of wholesome shows like "Hannah Montana?" What "Minor Stars" delivers, cleverly, is just that--a tongue-in-cheek look at the adult actors tasked with playing teen characters on beloved tween shows. Problem is, they're not all that squeaky clean.

  • Politicians, Pundits, and Other People

    VBS.tv continues its exploration of current events on the journalistic fringe with "Politicians, Pundits, and Other People." Casting aside the status quo, "Politicians" examines important cultural and political issues through unbiased interviews with noted guests like Louis Lapham and Dennis Kucinich.

  • Foodies


    Go ahead and laugh, but there's a foodie in all of us. The new series lampoons the gastronomically obsessed set and leaves me hungry (!) for more.

  • In Between Men

    In Between Men

    I'm really excited for episode 4 of this series which chronicles the lives of gay professionals in NYC. It's stereotype-free, funny, dramatic, and touching. Great stuff!

  • The Fuzz

    Billed as the "Muppets meets the Wire," this hilarious, twisted new Atom Original series explores the world of Felt-American, Herbie, as he investigates the puppet crime syndicate.

  • Bad Dads

    Bad Dads

    College Humor pushes out yet another great original series with "Bad Dads," starring the severely underrated Will Hines ("Fat Guy Stuck in Internet") and Michael "Forever Young" Cera. This 5-part series about a horrible father-son relationship is sure to be a favorite.

  • Trep Life

    Trep Life

    "Trep Life" is a documentary series aiming to shine a spotlight on America's new class of entrepreneurs. Engaging and insightful, episode 1 gives us an in-depth view of GrubHub, the premier "who the hell delivers food to my area?" website.

  • 00:24

    There have been plenty of "24" spoofs (mostly terrible), but none have done it quite this well. Cleverly scripted and hilariously acted, "00:24" thrusts us into the crazy world of Stack Power and his Neighborhood Watch Unit as they deal with a "terrorist attack" on Burbank.

  • G-Connection


    Yes, it's part of a giant MetroPCS commercial, but anything with Snoop Dogg, Warren G, and Ted "Homeless Man with a Golden Voice" Williams can't be bad.

  • How to Fake it in America

    How to Fake it in America

    Hipster, hipster, hipster! There was a time before that word was common parlance, and this series seemingly pokes a little fun at how widespread it has gotten.

  • My Anime Girlfriend

    A new Atom original, MAG blends the world of animation and live action for hilarious results. Even if you're like me, and no nothing about anime (I swear), this will appeal to you.

  • Asylum


    Welcome to St. Dympna Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Doctors here deal with patients here...in a unique way.

  • Hello, Dum Dum

    Hello, Dum Dum

    Hello! This new Atom Original follows 3 inept office admins and their nonstop banter. The pilot episode has enough ridiculousness to leave me wanting more.

  • The Brewery Show

    Mmmm. Beer. In this non-fiction series you can follow along some of the finest American craft brewers for a deeper look into a beloved beverage.

  • The Institute

    The Institute

    A school for aspiring porn stars? This mockumentary series (mildly SFW) set in the 70's explores the ins and outs of "adult acting" along with origins of famous sex terms.

  • About Abby

    About Abby

    Only 1 episode in and I'm hooked! Funny, inspiring, and true to life--"Abby" is a romantic comedy that doesn't follow the tired rules of the genre.

  • Inventory


    Simply the best non-fiction series out there right now. The AV Club staple gets proper with well-produced videos and quality clips. Awesome is an understatement.