Trespass  - 2011 poster

Trespass - 2011

A wealthy family fights back against a gang of ruthless criminals during a violent home invasion in this relentless nail-biter from director Joel Schumacher (8mm, Phone Booth). Powerful businessman Kyle (Nicolas Cage), lives in a private community with his gorgeous wife Sarah (Nicole Kidman), and their rebellious teenage daughter Avery (Liana Liberato). Though security is tight in the affluent neighborhood, cunning thief Elias (Ben Mendelsohn) has spent months planning the perfect robbery, and his crew has just the skills needed to pull it off. Meanwhile, overburdened mother Sarah is overseeing the renovations that Kyle has approved when her gaze begins drifting to the backyard of their sprawling estate, and to handsome worker (Cam Giganet) as he tends to their pool. Then one night, without warning, a simple knock at the door changes everything. Their home suddenly overrun by a band of ruthless criminals whose polite demeanor masks a terrifying malevolence, the fractured family realizes that the only way out alive is to trust one another, and fight together to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.
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