News for 60 Minutes

The Oba-mania Continues: 60 Minutes and More

Barack Obama's 60 Minutes interview last evening scored the program its largest audience in 9 years - 24.5 million viewers. It was easily the most watched program of the evening. And...if you still haven't gotten enough of your Obama dose after last night's interview, check out the first of his YouTube chats. That's right - in an updated FDR-esque tradition, Obama will be delivering weekly YouTube chats . Watch the first one now , which premiered on Saturday. Source: EW

Alec Baldwin: 60 Minutes Correspondent?

Alec Baldwin may go from 30 Rock to 60 Minutes -- at least that's what he thinks will happen if his career collapses. Speaking at the National Business Travelers Association luncheon last week, the Emmy nominee gave the 6,000-plus attendees a peculiar peek into his job prospects that left everyone dazed and confused, according to Broadcasting & Cable. Following funnyman Craig Ferguson on stage, Baldwin, reading from piles of papers instead of the TelePrompTer, launched into a head-scratching speech about getting fat and getting old. He told the audience the best place for a fat, old actor might be the age-defying 60 Minutes. For more from the source, click here .