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Michael Vartan on 'Alias' 2.0: There's only one Sydney Bristow

A "reliable insider" at ABC said preliminary talks were circulating about creating a reboot of J.J. Abrams hit spy series "Alias," according to an E! Online report. At this point, there's no word whether original stars Jennifer Garner, Michael Vartan and Victor Garber would be involved in any remake, or even whether Abrams would return (he's currently working on the new spy drama "Undercovers" for NBC). Vartan, present star of TNT's medical drama "HawthoRNe", weighs in on the "Alias" reboot buzz. "I've heard rumors here and there," Vartan tells Zap2it. "I really do not know anything. It's such a rumor, quote, unquote, that I haven't even bothered calling anyone that was even loosely associated with the show in the past to find out if there's any validity to the story. "I think it's a total rumor, but if they do redo it, and they don't bring back the original cast, that would be weird. I was talking about this with someone the other day -- it's one thing to do 'Charlie's Angels' all over again with a brand-new cast, because obviously enough time's passed. To Read More Click Here .

'Alias' Potentially Gets a Reboot

ABC is still trying to compensate the end of "Lost" by replacing it with equally gripping shows. The closest the network gets at the moment are "V" and the newbie "No Ordinary Family". However, there's a report that the Alphabet is brewing a plan to bring back "Alias". E! Online reported that a "reliable insider" informed them about a talk in ABC where the award-winning series will get a "reboot". It should be noted that nothing is official yet because it is only a "very initial talk at this point". The idea is to make a new version of the J.J. Abrams-produced show and borrow some elements from it. But the new series will be less complicated in its mythological factor such as the Milo Rambaldi prophecy. It is still unclear whether Abrams will be involved in the reboot. The producer is working on "Undercovers" which has been picked up by NBC. "Alias" experienced quite a success between 2001 and 2005 especially in the fourth season. However, ABC moved it to Thursday, 8/7c slot which is notoriously lethal for a show. The rating plunged almost drastically and the show never revived since. Source here

David Anders Joins Jack Bauer in Season Eight of 24 - Featured

From Julian Sark on Alias to Adam Monroe on Heroes , David Anders just can't keep away from our favorite TV shows. Reps for Anders confirm to us that David will be a recurring character on season eight of 24 , joining the likes of Freddie Prinze Jr. and Battlestar Galactica 's Katee Sackhoff. 24 is really beefing up its cast this year, raising alarm in fans that it will truly be the final season. So what's David doing this season while Jack Bauer is hunting terrorists in New York, and how long will he be sticking around? "He will be in a handful of episodes," says David's rep. The rep was coy to say what his part would be, but when asked if David's new 24 character would go the way of Adam Monroe on Heroes, he laughed and said, "You never know." What do you think of the newest 24 casting? Are you glad to see David Anders back on your TV? Discuss in the comments! Source: E!Online - David Anders Joins Jack Bauer in Season Eight of 24

Jennifer Garner Returns to ABC

Alias star Jennifer Garner is headed back to her old network, this time as a producer. Garner's production deal with ABC Studios, which comes three years after her five seasons on ABC's Alias, calls for the Golden Globe winner to develop projects through her Vandalia Films production company (which she runs with Juliana Janes), according to Variety. The two hope to bring film writers to television, as well as work with writers from Garner's past series Alias and Felicity . They also are looking toward developing female-driven projects along the lines of Grey's Anatomy . The television vet said she's looking forward to having "the opportunity to get back into television wearing my producer hat." Are you excited about Garner's new role at ABC?

Finale Fever: SideReel's Top 10 Favorite Season Finales, Part 2

24 - Season 1, 11:00 P.M.-12:00 A.M. Sorry to admit it, but I lost interest in 24 near the beginning of last season, and have been unable to get back into it since. That being said, the show has had some great seasons, and though people debate which one is their favorite, none for me have ever outdone the thrilling first season, and its thrilling conclusion. Spoiler alert The death of Jack's wife (followed by the now infamous silent countdown clock, reserved for only the most solemn of '24' events) was simply the most unexpected, surprising and fantastic ending that I could have possibly fathomed. Unlike other shows, this shocking event also taught us that important people actually die in 24, which made future seasons all the more exciting. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 2, Becoming (1 and 2) I knew I wanted to put a Buffy finale on this list, and I had a difficult time choosing between Season 2 (the one I ultimately selected) and Season 3 (because Graduation was pretty awesome too...). However, I decided that nothing topped the delving into Angel's past and Buffy's realizing that she would have to kill him (Angelus). Then throw in that Angel's soul gets restored after all, but Buffy still had to send him to know, to save the world (as Angel's blood is the only thing that will do the trick). Man oh Man, talk about tragedy. This was definitely Buffy at its finest... Alias - Season 1, Almost Thirty Years Episode after episode of Alias 's first season would conclude with a giant cliffhanger that made you go crazy waiting for the next week to arrive. So, it shouldn't be surprising that nothing outdid the Season 1 Finale's cliffhanger. Spoiler Alert The giant Rambaldi device is destroyed by Sydney, simultaneously releasing a ton of water. While Sydney manages to get through a closing door and escape the tidal wave, Vaughn is seemingly left to drown. However, most importantly, Sydney finally comes face to face with "The Man" and her season ending words are..."Mom?" (who mind you, was supposed to be dead; thus, Mom is not only not dead, but alive and evil). Friends (1994) - Season 4, The One with Ross's Wedding (1 and 2) Since our finale list has been heavy on the dramas, it's only fair to recognize a comedy finale. Friends had a few great season finales (also loved Season 5's One in Vegas), but I am especially partial to this one, as it also happened to be the first episode that I ever watched of the series (what a great way to start)! This episode was a comedy of errors in relation to all things Ross's wedding, culminating in his marriage-ruining "Rachel" slip at the altar. However, I also loved this finale as it was the beginning of the Chandler/Monica pairing, which provided great new direction for the comedy in its later seasons. Prison Break - Season 1, Flight Like 24 , Prison Break for me was a show that couldn't maintain the excitement of its earlier seasons. Nothing outdid the show's first season (in my opinion), which you might have guessed, climaxed when the guys actually achieved the show's title and broke out of prison ! We had some serious violence in this episode; I will never forget T-Bag's hand getting hacked off. Other huge revelations: Sarah ODing, Steadman's alive!, the President gets assassinated and the guys don't catch their plane, thereby setting up Season 2. What have been your favorite season finales?

SideReel's Battle of the Butt-Kicking Babes (Closed) - Featured

Click on image to expand to full size From Friday to Tuesday, participate in SideReel's Battle of the Butt Kicking Babes! We've seeded the 2 sides as super-human (as in the babe contains some sort of enhanced powers, from Buffy's Slayer Strength to Cameron being, well, a killing machine) vs. human (no extra powers beyond their god-given least to our knowledge). Here's how it works: Beginning now, please choose the winners of the first 8 match ups. As a comment, please write 8 names, which represent the winners of Buffy vs. Jessi, Echo vs. Elle, Cameron vs. Claire, Max vs. Chloe, Sydney vs. Kate, Sarah vs. Fiona, Sarah Connor vs. Lois Lane and Veronica Mars vs. Mary Shannon. Based on comments, we will tabulate the winners of Round 1. Then come back beginning Saturday to vote in Round 2! UPDATE: Round 1 Voting is Closed! You may now vote in Round 2. Please choose winners between Buffy vs. Echo, Cameron vs. Max, Sydney vs. Sarah W. and Sarah C. vs. Veronica Mars! Note: In round 1, all of the top seeds won. The closest battle was Cameron vs. Claire. Cameron won by only a small margin of about 25 votes UPDATE 2: Round 2 Voting is Closed! You may now vote in Round 3. Please choose winners between Buffy vs. Max and Sydney vs. Sarah Connor! Note: Buffy and Sydney won their heats with relative ease, but the other 2 match-ups were nailbiters . Max beat Cameron by a single vote ! (And boy did I misjudge people's allegiance to Dark Angel ; I thought Cameron would easily win). Sarah Connor defeated Veronica by 10 votes. UPDATE 3: Round 3 Voting is Closed! You may now vote in the final round! Please choose your ultimate butt kicking babe! We're down to Buffy Summers vs. Sydney Bristow! Note: As somewhat expected, Buffy annihilated Max. Sydney and Sarah Connor were quite close, though Sydney edged her out by 7 votes. UPDATE 4: The Battle Has Ended and as many of you predicted, Buffy Summers took home the crown! Note: Though Buffy did win substantially (119-58), you can see that Sydney was not without her supporters. Thank you everyone for voting and participating...and suggesting alternate babes. Never again will I forget the likes of Xena and River Tam when discussing butt-kicking babes. By popular demand, we will soon drum up a bracket for Butt-Kicking Dudes! Let the Battle of the Butt Kicking Babes Begin! - (CONCLUDED)

SideReel's Top 10 Butt-Kicking Babes, Part 2 - Featured

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Buffy Summers Buffy may have been little, but she sure was mighty! So yeah, the girl may have gotten a little help from her Slayer strength, but it was not just Buffy's strength, but her smarts and gusto that made her such an awesome butt-kicking babe. Stopping an apocalypse? No problemo! Also loved how the girl was never too proud to accept a little help from her friends, who as the series progressed, also became key in stopping evil many times over. Alias - Sydney Bristow I don't think I've ever seen more convincing fight scenes than in an episode of Alias . Sydney Bristow, for me, was like the female Jack Bauer ( 24 ). Put plainly, she was a butt-kicking babe. I'd want her by my side in a dangerous situation before any dude. Loved how the resourceful Bristow would use everything in sight to supplement her fight (from furniture to kitchen supplies)...all while wearing the coolest (and hottest) disguises you've ever seen on TV. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Sarah Connor and Cameron So it might be the guy - John Connor - that saves the world in the future , but in the present, thank god that kid is surrounded by not one, but two butt kicking babes, or I'm not so sure he'd make it to the future to save us all! He's got his mother, Sarah Connor, who you have to admit, is pretty frackin' awesome. She has no superpowers, yet emits a feeling of strength and cool. the event that John's mother can't save him all of the time, throw on in Cameron, who is kinda programmed to be a butt kicking babe, since she is after all a Terminator. But...Cameron does it with humor and heart, so we won't hold the advantage against her! Smallville - Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan Guess we're going to have 11 butt-kicking babes, as I am selecting 2 from Smallville as well. I got sick of Lana Lang on Smallville for many reasons, but the primary one was probably... how many times are you going to get yourself into a situation of grave danger so that Clark has to rescue you ? While cousins Lois and Chloe have both had their fair share of "getting rescued by Clark" moments as well, they are decidedly more capable of taking care of themselves. Chloe's got some meteor-related abilities that help her out, but even before realizing those, always used her innate smarts to assist in a situation. Lois, too, has always been a smart, confident woman, and with her father's military background, is definitely capable of some self-defense. And...the two combined have some pretty butt-kicking journalistic and investigative skills. So...who are your favorite butt-kicking babes?

Jennifer Garner - Picking Up Violet From School With Ben Affleck And Baby Seraphina, March 6th

Giving Jessica, Cash and Honor a run for their money as they cutest family in Hollywood, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and baby Seraphina were out to pick up little Violet from the Santa Monica... Much more at Putu.Us

Favorite TV Couples: Top 10 Perfect Couples, Part 2 - Featured

Friday Night Lights - Eric & Tami Taylor Eric: You know who I miss? I miss the coach's wife. Tami: You know who I can't wait to meet? The principal's husband. Eric: Touche. The Taylors represent pretty much my favorite married couple currently gracing our TV screens. FNL manages to portray one of the most honest and realistic marriages I have ever seen on television. Things aren't always necessarily perfect for the two, but there's never any doubt that the two will love and support each other through everything and that ultimately things will work out. I also love the balance of power in this modern marriage; we really believe that both Eric and Tami have equal say in all of the happenings in the Taylor household. ER - Doug & Carol Carol: I can't remember a time when I didn't love him. I am sure that there have been nurse/doctor love stories on TV before ER and I am sure that there have been ones after (like Turk and Carla on Scrubs ). However, never was there a more perfect medical coupling than these two and never was ER better than during the Carol/Doug seasons. What can I say? The Clooney brought magic to the small screen and he had perfect, believable chemistry with Julianna Marguiles. Alias - Sydney & Vaughn Vaughn - When you're at your absolute lowest, at your most depressed, just remember that you can know. You got my number. She was a double agent for the CIA (and SD-6). He was her handler. Oh yeah, and they were both smokin' hot . Throw in some quiet spy/handler rendezvouses in private places and we were just holding our breaths until the two finally jumped each other. Seriously, the chemistry between Sydney and Vaughn before they officially "got together" fueled the first season and a half of Alias like no show I have ever seen before. And once the two did get together and experienced their fair share of problems; there was never a time when we weren't rooting for the two to work things out, nor did we ever doubt that their love would prevail. One Tree Hill - Nathan & Haley Haley: Always.. Nathan: and Forever. Lucas and Peyton who? Far and wide my favorite coupling of One Tree Hill has turned out to be the pairing of Nathan and Haley, or Naley. Nobody ever said that getting married in high school would be easy (or realistic), but One Tree Hill has turned this unlikely high-school marriage into the most convincing and absolute best pairing of the show. Nathan and Haley are not without their struggles either, but we know these two always believe in each other, and consequently, we believe in them. Friends (1994) - Ross & Rachel Ross: You got off the plane. The iconic couple of Friends (though Monica and Chandler ended up coming awfully close...) who we laughed and cried with through 10 seasons. Through accidental marriages and accidental children, whether the two were dating or were on a break...there was never a doubt how the series would end; after all, Ross and Rachel were each others' lobsters. Some runners-up: Marshall & Lily ( How I Met Your Mother ), Felicity & Ben ( Felicity ), Lorelai & Luke ( Gilmore Girls ), Ephram & Amy ( Everwood ), Max & Liz ( Roswell ) We also know that there's a ton don't be shy. Share in comments - who do you think are the perfect TV couples?

Jennifer Garner And Her Sister Get Their Ears Pierced Together

While her husband Ben Affleck looked after the new baby, Jennifer Garner and her older sister, Melissa, spent some quality time together in Santa Monica, CA, on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009. One of the things the look-alike sisters did during their day out was take a trip to a local medical center - not for a post-baby check-up, but to do something their parents had banned them from doing as teenagers. Around twenty years after most girls (including their younger sister, Susannah) get around to it, Jennifer and Melissa both had their ears pierced! All seemed perfectly normal as the two sisters walked into the center, and neither of them was wearing any earrings. Many onlookers and photographers watching the sisters enter the building assumed that Jennifer was going for a routine post-baby check-up. However, when they emerged a short while later, the sharper-eyed among the onlookers noticed that both were sporting tiny gold studs in their freshly-pierced ears. Not having their ears pierced was one of the many rules set for the three Garner sisters by their parents while they were teenagers, although younger sister Susannah flouted that rule and had her ears pierced when she was 14. Because Jennifer didn't have pierced ears while working on the show, the Alias costume department often had to spend considerable time having earrings specially converted into clip-ons for Jennifer to wear.