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Simon Cowell Predicts Idol Winner

Simon Cowell has picked his favorite American Idol contestant of the season - and it comes as no shock that it's season-long front runner Adam Lambert. "I would have to put my money on Adam right now," Cowell told Oprah Winfrey during a guest appearance on her talk show Monday. "I think he's got that 'it,' and I think he's fearless and I think he's unique. And he's got swagger." The episode also featured Britain's Got Talent superstar Susan Boyle, who answered Winfrey's question about whether she would get a makeover before her appearance on the Talent semifinals this month. "Depends what you mean by a makeover," Boyle said. "My best friend helps with my makeup. That's hardly a makeover." When Winfrey inquired about her hairstyle change, Boyle downplayed her new 'do. "That was just to tidy myself over like any female would've done," said Boyle. Do you think Cowell's Idol winner prediction will prove true? Source Here

Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell Coming to 'Oprah Winfrey Show'

Coming to "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Monday, May 11 are two icons of "Britain's Got Talent". Judge Simon Cowell will attend the talk show in person while contestant Susan Boyle will pop her head via Skype. The episode is under the theme "The World's Got Talent" and is packed with talents around the world. Simon, who is also the judge in " American Idol ", will set the record straight on the rumor of him leaving the American singing show. Meanwhile, to accommodate the sudden fascination of Susan Boyle, host Oprah Winfrey will get to know more about her personally. The 47-year-old will be beamed via satellite from her house in Scotland and she will give Oprah a 'tour' around the house. According to the press release, Simon will also be there to "debut the artists he calls 'the next big thing'". Also featured on the episode are singer Jane Zhang from China, Germany's "Alex Swings, Oscar Sings" who appears via satellite from Hamburg and a look at Afghanistan's top talent competition. Source Here

Idol Results Show Books Season 6 Champ Jordin Sparks, Katy Perry

As American Idol inches closer to crowning a new champ, a former winner will return to the stage for an encore. On the May 13 results show - in which either Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey or Kris Allen will be sent home - your Season 6 American Idol, Jordin Sparks, will perform her new single "Battlefield" (which, let's face it, is what the Idol stage becomes at this time of year). Also putting on a show that night will be Katy Perry. She'll be singing "Waking Up in Vegas," the latest single from her platinum debut disc One of the Boys. For the latest on American Idol, tune into TV Guide Network's Idol Tonight every Wednesday at 8 pm/ET and Idol Wrap every Friday at 8 pm/ET with co-hosts Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini. Plus get more on your favorite Idols every Friday with American Idol Rewind at 7 pm/ET. Source Here

Idol's Allison: To Be Axed During Rock Week Was "Weird"

Allison Iraheta, who fell shy of making American Idol 's Top 3, says that while she went into Rock Week's results show "prepared for anything," she still found the timing of her ouster to be "weird." Following Danny Gokey's "Dream On" scream heard 'round the world, in light of Danny and Kris Allen's tepid reviews, and factoring in her comparatively well-received solo and duet performances, it seemed for a moment that Allison was a lock to make the Top 3. Instead, the 17-year-old got sent home. Asked to consider all of the above and reflect on her elimination, Iraheta tells, "I really don't know to say it, because it was weird." "I had been in the bottom three so many times," she notes, "so I was really prepared for anything. And then when it was down to me and Danny, I was like, 'Well, it's either him or me.' And it was me." Playing to her sweet spot during Rock Week, Iraheta on Tuesday night effectively channeled Janis Joplin for "Cry Baby," then dueted with front-runner Adam Lambert - the singers chose their own partners - on Foghat's "Slow Ride." A record 64 million votes later, American had its say, and Iraheta was directed back home, to Los Angeles. "I'm pretty happy that I made it this far," she says. "I'm glad that I got the opportunity to be on that stage." Next week, Gokey, Allen and Lambert will sing two songs each - their own pick plus a judge's selection - while the results show's musical guests will be Season 6 Idol champ Jordin Sparks and Katy Perry. Source Here

Video: Paula Abdul, DAUGHTRY Singing on 'American Idol' Stage

Video performances showing musical guests, two of whom were Paula Abdul and DAUGHTRY, rocking " American Idol " result show have been found. The show's judge delivered her new single "(I'm Just) Here for the Music", while the rock band fronted by the Idol alum Chris Daughtry sang their new track "No Surprise". Another performer at the singing competition on May 6 was No Doubt. Sporting black boots and black pants matched with a white tank top and a studded leather belt, the band's singer Gwen Stefani took the mic and invaded the stage alongside her bandmates with their 1995 hit single "Just a Girl". In between those musicians' live appearances, Ryan Seacrest came onto the Idol stage. He announced the elimination of Allison Iraheta from the competition and so revealed that Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen are going to face against each other at the next episode of the Fox's hit reality TV show. Source & Video Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, May 6, 2009 - Featured

* Scrubs (8 pm/ET ABC) Scrubs wraps up its eighth season tonight as J.D. prepares to leave Sacred Heart and fantasizes about finally landing a hug from Dr. Cox and learning the Janitor's real name. But leaving the hospital isn't the only change in store for J.D. as Elliot slowly begins moving her things into his place, a clear sign that she's changing the course of their relationship. More than 50 past guest stars turn out for tonight's finale, a fitting tribute to this quirky and heartfelt show. * American Idol (9 pm/ET Fox) The final four singers are between a rock song and a hard place in tonight's results show. Last night, the remaining quartet - Kris Allen, Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert - blasted through rock-and-roll tunes, putting some edge in the show while being mentored by Guns n' Roses and Velvet Revolver guitar master Slash. Sadly, one of our singers will be slashed from the contest before night's end. There's little doubt that rockers No Doubt will perform. And Daughtry, fronted by Season 5 contestant Chris Daughtry, are on hand to perform "No Surprise." * Lost (9 pm/ET ABC) Now we know exactly why the crash of Flight 815 happened. And we know about Faraday's theories for making it unhappen. What would happen then? We'll have a better idea next week, after "The Incident" happens to wrap up this season. But for now (1977, actually) Jack and Kate are at odds about what to do next, and the jig is up for Sawyer and Juliet at Dharma. And in 2007, Locke is fully in charge of the Others. What does that mean for Richard Alpert (not to mention Ben)? * Lie to Me (8 pm/ET Fox) Cal is going to jail tonight, but not for anything that he did: He's posing as a cop killer so he can get into the skull of a serial rapist ( Rescue Me 's Daniel Sunjata) whose MO - come on like a nice guy, then blind the victims before raping them - is being copycatted. This approach could yield clues for catching the copycat, but it won't be easy because the guy is both smart and a pathological liar. Mekhi Phifer guest stars as the skeptical FBI agent on the case. * America's Next Top Model (8 pm/ET The CW ) Teyona strengthened her front-runner position with last week's double wins in the go-see competition and the photo shoot. Slight-of-height Fo wasn't so lucky and got the short end of the elimination stick, while golden oldie Celia narrowly escaped ouster (she bombed the beach photo shoot), due to her strong past pictures. But if she doesn't soon remove the "old-looking" label from her back, Celia is history. Fortunately, Tyra directs a jungle-themed photo shoot tonight that requires the final four models to resemble exotic birds. Maybe Celia can hide behind the distracting makeup and feathers. Source Here

Who Was Rock Solid? Whose Dream Will Be Dashed?

Throughout American Idol 's final weeks, as each sing-off signs off, is checking in with TV Guide Network hosts/Idol alums Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini for their particularly qualified takes on who soared, who stumbled, and which judge's review most rang true. This week, Caldwell shares her thoughts on who rocked Rock Week, and who got rocked by it. Be sure to read's full recap of the show. Plus. get an update on the freak accident that happened on stage before the show began. To Read More Click here .

Which Idol Judges Will Be Back Next Season?

Simon Cowell has confirmed that all four Idol judges will return next season. "I think certainly next year everyone's going to be back," he told Ellen Degeneres during a pre-taped Tuesday appearance on her show ("Yeah, absolutely," he added.) In recent weeks, the judges' plans for future seasons have been uncertain, with Season 8 addition Kara DioGuardi being the latest question mark. The arrival of the fourth judge, who has a one-year contract, has been controversial throughout the season, in part because of how much time an extra judge adds to critiques. (Former Idol boss Nigel Lythgoe told that he's "not a fourth judge fan," for example, and nearly 60 percent of voters in a poll agreed that four judges is too many.) Cowell acknowledged the debate surrounding the additional judge. "There's less time for us to talk," he said. "One week ... 10 minutes before the show started, [producers] said, 'Oh, by the way you can't talk for half the show.' It's rather like saying in a singing competition to the singer, 'Half of you can't sing.' It was just crazy." The show's veterans have also been discussing their Idol futures. Paula Abdul -- whose contract ends after this season -- pondered her plans during an April appearance on Nightline. Cowell has been vocal about his next steps too. He recently told the New York Times that he still intends to leave American Idol when his contract ends after next season. Are you glad that all four judges will be back? Source Here

Paula Abdul to Perform New Single on Idol Results Show

Paula Abdul is going to be a different kind of vocal on Wednesday's American Idol results show. The singer-dancer-judge will perform her new single, "I'm Just (Here for the Music)," live on the Idol stage, Abdul confirmed on Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show Tuesday. The single also made its world premiere on Seacrest's show. (Listen to the song here.) Abdul said she was hesitant to take up the show's producers when they made the last-minute offer. "I wasn't sure if I was going to do it. Timing was of the essence," she said. "I put everything together on Saturday and rehearsed on Sunday. It was really good, and I am feeling good about it... There's a lot to see in less than three minutes." No Doubt and Daughtry are also scheduled to perform on Wednesday's show. This will mark Abdul's first live performance on Idol. During Season 7, Abdul debuted a music video for "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" - which featured Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell and Seacrest - on the show. Are you looking forward to Paula's performance? What do you think of the new song? Source Here

Should Idol Keep Kara? Former Show Boss Nigel Lythgoe "Not a Fourth Judge Fan"

Former American Idol boss Nigel Lythgoe says that while Kara DioGuardi is "very good" in her capacity alongside Simon, Randy and Paula, as a matter of principle he is "not a fourth judge fan." "What we've seen is that four judges tend to take away time from the program, which was always going to be the problem," he explained during a visit to Lythgoe's comments about Idol's addition of a judge come on the heels of DioGuardi revealing to ET that she only was signed to a one-season deal, yet hopes to stay on. On Fox's summertime reality smash, So You Think You Can Dance (premiering Season 5 on May 21), executive producer Lythgoe also serves as a judge alongside Mary Murphy and a rotating choreographer. But rarely has that competition ever trotted in a fourth panelist. Does Lythgoe think that the addition of DioGuardi, the Judges' Save and the expansion to a Top 36 are all changes worth keeping? "They've tried a lot of different things," he notes. "I think they'll probably ... keep some of them and lose others." Source Here