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Now, It's Michael Johns Who's Readying An Album

Last time, it's Brooke White who's preparing an album. Now, it's another one from the seventh season of American Idol : Michael Johns is gearing up to release Hold Back My Heart, his first album before joining the singing competition--and finishing eighth--last year. Twelve tracks form the album, six of which he co-wrote, with is acclaimed songwriter Diane Warren and British singer-songwriter James Morrison also pitching in some lyrics. His early exit from the show proved beneficial to him, as he immediately plunged into working for this album. "I'd been signed before," Johns explained. "My albums have always been shelved, or the label folded, or the guy that signed me got fired. ... This time around, I wanted to go and make the record, own the masters, and whatever happened, it was going to be on my terms, my shoulders. You make enough money from being on the tour and being on the show, where I could fund the record. I knew what I wanted to do soundwise." He only looked for a record label after he wrapped up recording in late 2008. "I didn't want to just go with any old deal," he said. "I really wanted to find a family that I thought believed in the direction of my record." He ended up with TRP Records, who has worked with Kelis, Lil Kim, and fellow Idol contestant Elliott Yamin. Johns, who is planning to tour to promote the album, is seeking to distance himself from the usual pop that other Idol contestants release. His album is somewhat similar to Ray LaMontagne and James Blunt, two singer-songwriters whose soulful voices, guitar skills and touching lyrics get them through. "I was someone that already had a career before," he said. "For me, I was able to come in there and use it as a full platform. I knew what kind of record I was going to make and who I wanted to appeal to." Source Here

Season 9 Audition Cities (And Three Dates So Far) Announced

As those cliche introductions would go, "wanna be the next Kris Allen?" American Idol is getting ready for its ninth season, with the nationwide audition tour heading to seven cities starting next month. So, if you think you have what it takes, or if you're ready to (if you're lucky enough) get your fifteen minutes of fame in front of the judges, then better start warming up, prepare your itinerary, and block off those dates. American Idol is headed to seven cities, with the first auditions being held in Boston in two weeks, followed by dates in Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Orlando. Only the first three venues have confirmed venues and dates, so here comes the obligatory rundown: * Boston: Gillette Stadium - registration on June 12-13; auditions on June 14 * Los Angeles: Rose Bowl - registration on June 28-29; auditions on June 30 * Denver: INVESCO Field at Mile High - registration on July 12-13; auditions on July 14 The folks behind the show have promised more details on the other four cities, as well as registration and all the other logistics involved, in the coming days. Of course, we'd be there too, hopefully as soon as we get the information. So prepare your singing caps and start singing... if there's such a thing as singing caps. Maybe I meant guitars, and personality... Source Here

Ratings Highlights for Idol, Criminal Minds, Dance and More - Featured

Recapping some Nielsen numbers from recent days, including some very big finales and the premiere of the summer's hottest reality competition: Wednesday * The American Idol finale played to a crowd of 27.7 million total viewers, hitting a high of 32.55 mil as Kris got crowned. That audience marks a 9 percent dip from last year, and the show's second-smallest finale draw ever, besting only Kelly Clarkson's Season 1 coronation (which aired during the summer). * Criminal Minds closed its season with an audience of 13.79 mil, up 785K from its previous finale. Thursday * So You Think You Can Dance kicked off its new cycle with 8.78 million viewers, up 175K from its previous opener. * Ugly Betty bowed out before 6.27 mil, plunging 28 percent from last year's finale. Friday night, here we come! * Southland copped 6.4 mil for its freshman finale, up 38 percent versus last week's fantastically competitive slate. Source Here

Kim Kardashian Shocked by Adam Lambert's 'American Idol' Loss

Reality TV star and socialite Kim Kardashian expresses her disappointment that Adam Lambert didn't win at " American Idol " result show on Wednesday, May 20. She says, "I am not gonna lie, I am shocked Adam did not win American Idol!", she says in a statement. "I think Kris (Allen) is talented, has an amazing voice and is adorable but Adam just has IT! Regardless, I think Adam will go on to make many albums and be really successful, as Kris will be too," she continues. "I dont know, maybe Kris is the safer choice..." Kim Kardashian isn't the one and only celeb who reacts toward the result show of "American Idol" season 8. Previously, the likes of Emmy Rossum, Adrianne Curry, and Kirstie Alley also expressed their surprise after learning that it was Kris Allen who won the crown and not Adam as they had expected. "Adam Lambert seriously did not win? Such a let down. Kid's gonna be a massive star regardless. Go Lambert!!!", Emmy wrote on her Twitter. Adrianne, meanwhile, tweeted, "It's ok, Adam didn't win because Americans hate gays. That's ok, you f--king homophobes, u can have ur cute mediocre singer." Kirstie chimed in, "The peeps I have chosen have had huge careers. Adam will have an enormous career!!" Unlike them all, "American Idol" season 1 runner-up, Justin Guarini, has kind words for Kris. He writes, "Just sat down for a one on one interview with Kris Allen. One of the most genuine and humble people I've ever met. Gr8 time tonight..." Source Here

'American Idol' Champion Kris Allen Praises Runner-Up Adam Lambert

Winning the " American Idol " title on its result show Wednesday, May 20, Kris Allen keeps singing praise for competitor Adam Lambert who wins the runner-up position. "There's not a whole lot of people that approve of the whole guy-liner thing and the nail polish and all that," he says in an interview with Access Hollywood and "The Billy Bush Show". "But for me, I love Adam and I think he's one of the greatest people that I've met so far. For me, I'm just a regular guy and I think a lot of people just related to me." Recalling the time when his name was mentioned as winner of the singing competition's season 8, Kris says Adam congratulated and then reminded him that he still had to sing "No Boundaries," a song co-penned by "Idol" judge, Kara DioGuardi. "Seriously, Adam hugged me and goes, 'You have to sing that song now.' I was like 'Ohhhh gosh!' I was like 'OK, just sing it!' I thought it went OK," he reveals. Adam himself also offers kind words for Kris. He is quoted as telling People, "Kris is my bud. He's such a good guy, so humble, and he's super talented. I'm really happy for him." Source Here

Gene Simmons Offers Adam Lambert to Tour With KISS

KISS' frontman Gene Simmons revealed that he is willing to take the runner-up of " American Idol " season eight, Adam Lambert, on a tour with his band. "He can come on tour whenever he'd like," Gene told Extra after the Idol result show on May 20 was wrapped up. "Of course he'd have to put his armor on because the fans, especially the KISS fans, take no prisoners," Gene elaborated his statement. "You gotta go big. Gotta be strong. You gotta be a rock, baby!" During the occasion, he also praised Adam stating, "Adam was fantastic. What a powerful and attractive man he is." In response to Gene's invitation, Adam answered, "That would be amazing ... I would love that." He added, "That'd be such an honor. I had so much fun. To perform with KISS, I would love that. What a wonderful compliment. Thank you, Gene. That was very, very nice of him." Source Here

Forbes Names Carrie Underwood Top-Earning 'American Idol' of 2009

Forbes' just-unveiled list of 2009 Top-Earning "American Idol" contestants sees country singing sensation Carrie Underwood securing the No. 1 spot. Winner of the hit singing competition's 4th season is listed to have taken in an estimated $14 million earnings in the last year alone. The tally reportedly comes from her touring income, recording royalties and endorsement deals. Coming in 2nd place is Jennifer Hudson. The finalist of the 3rd season of "Idol" is said earning $5 million during 2008, an amount which is believed to have been bolstered by her endorsement deal with GAP. The 3rd Top-Earning "Idol" in the list is Kelly Clarkson, whose earning is estimated at $4.2 million. Winner of " American Idol " season 6, Jordin Sparks, also makes the list, banking an estimated $3.1 million in the past year, Forbes reports. Rounding out the Top 5 is Kellie Pickler, having made $2.3 million, thanks to the strong sales of her albums and her Sexy Hair product endorsement deal. Forbes' Top 10 "Idol" Earners of 2009: 1. Carrie Underwood - $14 million 2. Jennifer Hudson - $5 million 3. Kelly Clarkson - $4.2 million 4. Jordin Sparks - $3.1 million 5. Kellie Pickler - $2.3 million 6. Clay Aiken - $2.2 million 7. Chris Daughtry - $2 million 8. David Cook - $2 million 9. David Archuleta - $1.3 million 10. Taylor Hicks - $300,000 Source here

Video: Black Eyed Peas and More Singing in 'American Idol' Finale

Video performances from the star-studded result show of " American Idol " finale have been found, featuring Black Eyed Peas, David Cook and many more. Black Eyed Peas shared the stage with the Top 13 girls and sang Stacy Ferguson's single "Glamorous", while David performed solo with his song "Permanent". Other musicians rocking the May 20 result night were Jason Mraz, Keith Urban, Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie and Carlos Santana. Jason delivered his hit single "I'm Yours" with Anoop Desai, Alexis Grace and the rest of the Top 13, while Keith made a duet with this season's Idol winner Kris Allen, singing "Kiss the Girl". Furthermore Cyndi collaborated with Allison Iraheta, delivering "Time After Time", and Lionel performed "All Night Long" alongside Danny Gokey. As for Carlos, he appeared with a few of the Top 13, singing "Black Magic Woman" and "Smooth". Beside being glittered with performances from those singers, the Idol show also lined up Steve Martin, Rod Stewart, Queen and Queen Latifah as other musical guests. Steve took the mic with Megan Joy and Michael Sarver, performing the rendition of "Pretty Flowers", while Rod joined forces with the Top 13 boys in a song called "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy". Queen, on the other hand, teamed up with Adam Lambert and Kris in hit single "We Are the Champions". Source & Video

Kris Allen Wants to Enjoy Married Life Post Winning 'American Idol' Title - Featured

Interviewed by E! News backstage after being announced as winner of " American Idol " eight season on Wednesday, May 20, Kris Allen said he is longing to enjoy his married life with wife Katy Allen, whom he married to in September last year. "We haven't been able to be married for the last nine months," he said. "She's amazing. She's just the coolest chick in the world. Hopefully, me and my wife will get to spend some more time together." On getting the Ford Fusion for winning the singing competition, Kris jokingly said, "I think my wife is more excited about it than I am." He then quickly added, "[But] I try to be very eco-friendly." In addition to the new ride, Kris will also sign a recording contract to release an album. Asked about his speech on-stage upon winning the "American Idol" title, during when he said fellow contestant Adam Lambert deserved to win, Kris explained, "I actually feel that. He deserves this just as much as I do. He's an amazing performer and a gifted guy. And a really amazing guy. It was fun doing this with him. Adam does his thing and I'm going to do mine. That's what I did throughout this whole competition and I think it worked. Obviously, it worked." Source Here

Adam Lambert Stays Positive With 2nd-Place Finish in 'American Idol'

Finishing second at " American Idol " finale after losing the competition to fellow contestant Kris Allen, Adam Lambert stays positive. "First or second, it doesn't matter to me; I got to sing with two great heroic rock bands," he told OK! Magazine in the wake of winner announcement on Wednesday, May 20. "I felt so good. I got to sing with Queen and KISS!" The 27-year-old guy, furthermore, admitted he wasn't surprised with the result. "I knew it was going to be a close race," he claimed. "I think Kris is incredibly talented and he's a good person, so to me it was like, we know it's going to be close; whatever happens, happens. We've made it this far, got to do a really cool finale and we're both going to get to do great things now in the future." He then continued, "For me, it's not really about what happens tonight. It's about tomorrow. It's about next", adding, "I know that we're going to start working on some music right away, and that's what I can't wait to do - to collaborate, to write, to co-write and create visuals that go along with the music, too. I think that's going to be really exciting." Kris Allen himself accepted the honor as winner of "American Idol" eight season with a humble heart. On-stage after hearing his name called as the new champion, he said, "It feels good, man, but Adam deserves this ... I'm sorry. I don't even know what to feel right now. This is crazy. Thank you so much." After that he cried on his wife Katy Allen's shoulder. Source Here