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Ryan Seacrest Set to Get Major Pay Raise

While Simon Cowell's purported $114 million per year deal is too big, well... you can say Ryan Seacrest is being a little more modest. But the American Idol host is also negotiating his contract in between breaks, amidst all the buzz on whether the judges will be complete when the show returns next year. Oh, and he is reportedly putting the finishing touches on a contract extension for the show, which will see him take a sizeable pay raise and make him one of the highest-paid reality hosts on television. No figures have been revealed so far, but The Hollywood Reporter says that the new deal, which will be effective for the next three years, will see Seacrest get more involved with Idol producers 19 Entertainment, possibly to develop new shows with Idol creator Simon Fuller. For the eighth season of the show, he took in a total of around $5 million, or an estimated $100,000 per episode. That'd make Seacrest a busier man, if you count his work on E!, his radio shows, and his producer role in reality shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Denise Richards: It's Complicated. All parties involved in the deal--Fox, the show's producers, and Seacrest's reps--declined to comment on the matter, but it is expected that everything will be finalized at the start of next week. You wouldn't have thought Ryan's having negotiations, too--well, he's still showing up during auditions for the upcoming seasons, which are still underway. Then again, his is one face you can't remove from the show. Or so I feel. Source Here

Kara DioGuardi Ties The Knot

And the wedding bells finally sounded for American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, who tied the knot with contractor Mike McCuddy over the Fourth of July weekend. The songwriter's publicist, Danica Smith, told reporters that the coupled exchanged vows last Sunday at the prospect Harbor United Methodist Church in Prospect Harbor, Maine. Around thirty guests attended the ceremony, just as the couple wished. Kara came in with a Vera Wang dress. Kara and Mike were engaged early in December, roughly a month before her first season of American Idol began airing. "He suddenly said, 'Where are my shoes?'" she previously said regarding the unusual manner of the proposal. "I said, 'I don't know where your shoes are!' [He then said,] 'Okay, well then, will you marry me?' I said, 'Okay.' Very low-key." It just wraps up a pretty big year for the songwriter, who joined Idol as part of a slew of changes designed to jig up the format. And, provided nothing goes wrong with negotiations, she'll be showing up on the show's next season, next year. Source Here

American Idol's stars Anthony and Diana in theatres

Anthony Fedorov, the season 4 semi-finalist of American Idol will soon be seen as Joseph in “Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat� in Oklahoma City. He won’t be alone there, as Diana DeGarmo will also be joining him in the play. Yes, you all are right. She is Diana from American Idol season 3. Anthony Fedorov managed to reach the top four and was eliminated on May 11, 2009 after giving two unforgettable performances on the same day. He was a famed personality on the show and was well know for singing Ballads. Anthony even had a huge fan list and his fans called themselves “Fedorations�. Diana and Anthony, both have plenty of experience in musicals. In “The Fantasticks�, Anthony starred as recording artist and performer. When lyrics theatre’s artistic director, Nick Corley met Anthony. He immediately decided him to cast him in the role of Joseph.

A Lot of Waiting For The Rest of the Top 10

And then I started wondering if there's actually anything new with the rest of the Top 10 of the recent American Idol season. I mean, we've seen contestants outside the final two get record deals and have pretty successful post-Idol careers. This year is no exception: Kris Allen and Adam Lambert have snagged contracts, as well as fourth-placed Allison Iraheta. And then we wonder about the rest. E! Online caught up with them as they rehearsed for the it's-getting-seriously-close American Idol summer tour, and then I realized that they're all pretty much in a state of limbo. "I'm sitting down with record labels next week," third-placer Danny Gokey said. "I hope to sort it out before tour. But I don't want to wait too long. The quicker the better." Well, actually, that is the exception. Fifth-placer Matt Giraud: "I'm writing a little, but mostly I'm waiting until after the tour and I'll see what happens the." Co-seventh-placer Lil Rounds: "I think the tour is a great showcase for us and will help build interest from record labels, so I'm thinking after the tour is when we'll see something happen." Co-seventh-placer Anoop Desai: "No CD plans yet. But I too am looking at the summer tour as a new audition process." Eighth-placer Scott MacIntyre: "I've produced some CDs and have a home studio, so I've started working on [it] ... I've received some interest, and I'm sure it's going to increase a lot when the tour goes on. I have talked to publishers and managers, and I'll leave it at that for now." Ninth-placer Megan Joy: "For those of us that don't know yet, we're supposed to find out if anything is lined up for us this month. Right now, I'm just writing ... And I heard a rumor that [Fleetwood Mac singer] Stevie Nicks was maybe wanting me to play her in her movie. I really want that to be true." Tenth-placer Michael Sarver: "There are some options out there for record deals, and I'll entertain those when the time comes. I reached song number 900 over this last week. My short-term goal is to write 1,000 songs." So, basically, they're hoping for the tour to get them somewhere. Was the last season overhyped, then? Maybe not exactly--for all my past dislike of Danny months ago, I'm waiting for him to get a record deal, partly because it's inevitable. Of course, wishful thinking on my part means Matt and Megan will get albums, too. As for the rest, well, I can only wish them luck, and I hope they have fun with the tour--after all, if there's one thing with Idol, it's that a tour slot doesn't mean you won't fade away into obscurity, too. Like that thing with Ace Young that I wrote a couple of days ago. I remember getting some odd stares after that. Source Here

Six Awesome Reality Show Ideas - Featured

In a world populated by 6 billion people and rising, I guess original ideas are hard to come by, which would explain all the reality shows. FOX stole their biggest show, Idol , from our friends across the pond, and ABC is turning Japanese with Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Game Show . Here are some original reality show ideas that I would like to pitch to our program pilfering networks: Twitter Me This: The trivia show where the contestants answer one question and one question only: What are you doing this instant? Of course, the answer will always be: "Playing a game show," or more likely: "plng a gs! Omg! Lmao!" So You Think You Have Friends: Contestants would be forced to name one relevant, personal piece of information about every single one of their "friends" on Facebook or Myspace. Let's face it, no one would ever win this game. I Survived a Lobotomy: I get the feeling that this show's audience would consist of mostly former contestants...or anyone who watches The Hills . (You should definitely greenlight this, MTV; it would insure a fan base for all your future programming. Plus, Ashton Kutcher would be the perfect host.) I'm a Talentless Hack...Put Me on TV: Self-explanatory. The Amazing Racists: Ten xenophobic racists are dropped in a foreign country, surrounded by people who don't look like them or speak their language, and--I don't know--left there, or something. Star-Crossed: This one is intricate so bear with me. The DNA of a celebrity is crossed with that of an animal, making an animal/celebrity hybrid--like Megan Fox and a fox, or Michael J. Fox and a fox, or Matthew Fox and a...well, you get the idea. These genetically spliced creatures would then dance competitively, or try not to get fired by Donald Trump, or whatever they do in these "celebreality" shows. It doesn't really matter, because the genetic breakthrough alone would be well worth it; watching these abominations of nature survive in the jungle or fall in love would just be icing on the cake.

American Idol Kelly Clarkson Penned a Song for 'The Twilight Saga New Moon'

I love Kelly Clarkson. I love Twilight . I'm probably equally obsessed with both. Those of you that follow me on Twitter know that I talked all day about which Kelly Clarkson song would be best for the New Moon soundtrack (it's a song called "Haunted" from her My December album by the way. Go listen to it now). So how did I not know that the two things I'm most obsessed with in the world might join into a union of angst and beautiful vocals? That's right, evidently Kelly Clarkson wrote a song for New Moon. I read a long time ago on Kelly Clarkson's blog that she was currently reading the Twilight saga and was absolutely obsessed. She had the normal reactions of never being able to put the book down, reading into the wee hours of the morning, and generally having Bella and Edward on her brain 24/7. I only loved her more. During one of my "all Kelly" days where I only listen to Kelly Clarkson on my iTunes for an entire day while I work, I considered how awesome it would be if Kelly somehow got involved with the New Moon soundtrack. What's amusing is that Kelly wasn't trying to get onto the soundtrack. Being her nerd self (I love it), she sat down with two of her backup singers and they wrote a song called "Empty as I am" to explain some of what Bella goes through after Edward leaves her. Then, a while later, Clarkson was able to submit the song for consideration. Little is known about the song. All we know is that it's submitted, it's being considered, and we won't know until the soundtrack is released. I don't even know if Kelly Clarkson will just be the writer or if she'll also sing her ballad. I know what I'd prefer. But, I plead to Chris Weitz, consider a Clarkson song for the OST. If not this one, check out "Haunted." No one does angst like Kelly Clarkson (Oh, and Stephenie Meyer). Source & Video

Boston AMERICAN IDOL Audition Information

Full details on how to audition for American Idol in Boston. Click me!

Two More Season 9 Audition Dates Announced

American Idol producers have announced two more dates for their audition tour for the ninth season of the show. They did announce the cities where they'll be stopping a couple of weeks ago, and a refresher is in order: they'll be kicking off in Boston, and will be going to Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Orlando. By then, only three cities have had confirmed dates, but now it's a few weeks past, there are a couple of new dates for you to watch out. Ready for the rundown? Here goes... Boston: Gillette Stadium - registration on June 12-13; auditions on June 14. Atlanta (NEW): Georgia Dome - registration on June 16-17; auditions on June 18. Los Angeles: Rose Bowl - registration on June 28-29; auditions on June 30. Orlando (NEW): Amway Arena - registration on July 7-8; auditions on July 9. Denver: INVESCO Field at Mile High - registration on July 12-13; auditions on July 14. The Chicago and Dallas dates have yet to be announced, but as always, we'll get it to you when we get it ourselves. Not that we have plans of auditioning for Idol--I myself have absolutely no justifiable singing ability, which makes me covering the show a little bit of a fluke... I think. Right? Anyway, better suit up for your possible fifteen minutes of fame... or more. Depends, really. That, or you get to meet Kara, and stuff. Source Here

Now, It's Michael Johns Who's Readying An Album

Last time, it's Brooke White who's preparing an album. Now, it's another one from the seventh season of American Idol : Michael Johns is gearing up to release Hold Back My Heart, his first album before joining the singing competition--and finishing eighth--last year. Twelve tracks form the album, six of which he co-wrote, with is acclaimed songwriter Diane Warren and British singer-songwriter James Morrison also pitching in some lyrics. His early exit from the show proved beneficial to him, as he immediately plunged into working for this album. "I'd been signed before," Johns explained. "My albums have always been shelved, or the label folded, or the guy that signed me got fired. ... This time around, I wanted to go and make the record, own the masters, and whatever happened, it was going to be on my terms, my shoulders. You make enough money from being on the tour and being on the show, where I could fund the record. I knew what I wanted to do soundwise." He only looked for a record label after he wrapped up recording in late 2008. "I didn't want to just go with any old deal," he said. "I really wanted to find a family that I thought believed in the direction of my record." He ended up with TRP Records, who has worked with Kelis, Lil Kim, and fellow Idol contestant Elliott Yamin. Johns, who is planning to tour to promote the album, is seeking to distance himself from the usual pop that other Idol contestants release. His album is somewhat similar to Ray LaMontagne and James Blunt, two singer-songwriters whose soulful voices, guitar skills and touching lyrics get them through. "I was someone that already had a career before," he said. "For me, I was able to come in there and use it as a full platform. I knew what kind of record I was going to make and who I wanted to appeal to." Source Here

Season 9 Audition Cities (And Three Dates So Far) Announced

As those cliche introductions would go, "wanna be the next Kris Allen?" American Idol is getting ready for its ninth season, with the nationwide audition tour heading to seven cities starting next month. So, if you think you have what it takes, or if you're ready to (if you're lucky enough) get your fifteen minutes of fame in front of the judges, then better start warming up, prepare your itinerary, and block off those dates. American Idol is headed to seven cities, with the first auditions being held in Boston in two weeks, followed by dates in Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Orlando. Only the first three venues have confirmed venues and dates, so here comes the obligatory rundown: * Boston: Gillette Stadium - registration on June 12-13; auditions on June 14 * Los Angeles: Rose Bowl - registration on June 28-29; auditions on June 30 * Denver: INVESCO Field at Mile High - registration on July 12-13; auditions on July 14 The folks behind the show have promised more details on the other four cities, as well as registration and all the other logistics involved, in the coming days. Of course, we'd be there too, hopefully as soon as we get the information. So prepare your singing caps and start singing... if there's such a thing as singing caps. Maybe I meant guitars, and personality... Source Here