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'American Idol's' Randy Jackson on the Show's Future, Softer Ratings and Crazy Hollywood Auditions

  American Idol  judge  Randy Jackson  admits that ratings for the singing competition show aren’t as high as they once were, but he still believe in the show. " Idol ’s in its 11th season, it's still the number one show on television, not by the huge margins it was before," he said. Read More...

'American Idol's' Randy Jackson talks 'X Factor' shake up and 'Idol' moving forward

"American Idol" is about to head full swing into Hollywood next week. Judge Randy Jackson took the time Thursday (Feb. 2) to speak with the press about how the season is going so far, plus about the recent shake-up of the "X Factor."On why "Idol's" ratings have been down this season:"I think the space of singing shows is definitely a little crowded now. With 'Idol' and 'The Voice' and 'X Factor,' 'Got Talent's' got singing - they're on year-round now. You've got a lot of singing, so that's what happens when the marketplace gets full." How does he feel about "The Voice" joining the weekly lineup?"I'm sure they'll have huge numbers after the Super Bowl. Any show after the Super Bowl would have huge numbers. They've got a great show, but I think there's room for everyone out there, as I think you will see."On Paula being dropped from "The X Factor":"I have not spoken...

Watch Jermaine Jones Sing Luther Vandross’s “Superstar” in American Idol 2012 Portland Auditions on February 1

Jermaine Jones is the giant with a heart of gold. (Literally. The guy’s 6 feet, 8 ½ inches tall!) He’s grown up singing, in fact his mom even thinks he was born doing it. Now it’s time for him to show America what he’s really got!Need your daily dose of American Idol? Like us on our Facebook page at, or follow us on Twitter at!

Watch Jermaine Jones Sing "Apologize" Before He Was an American Idol 2012 Contestant

Jermaine Jones stunned the judges during American Idol's 2012 Portland auditions. Before that, the 6'8" Luther Vandross fan sang at the Baby Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware.

Watch Brittany Zika Sing Brandi Carlile’s “The Story” in American Idol 2012 Portland Auditions on February 1

Brittany Zika has dreamt (literally) of singing onstage with Sara Bareilles, and now her rendition of Brandi Carlile’s "The Story" sends her straight through to Hollywood!Need your daily dose of American Idol? Like us on our Facebook page at, or follow us on Twitter at!

Who Is Jermaine Jones? American Idol 2012 Contestant Background Info

When 6’8 (and a half!) Jermaine Jones walked into the American Idol 2012 Portland auditions, we’d already heard about his touching story. His mother was certain he would have no trouble making it to Hollywood Week. When the gentle giant unloaded some Luther Vandross on the judges, they definitely wanted to hear more from him. He earned a Golden Ticket with ease and only a few tears.Jermaine has performed from a young age, starting with Gloucester County Children’s Choir. Not...

Who Is Mackenzie Thoms? American Idol 2012 Contestant Background Info

American Idol Season 11 contestant Mackenzie Thoms is a singer, songwriter, and self-proclaimed "bboy" from Seattle, WA. Mackenzie attended high school in Edmonds, WA, where he played football, basketball, and ran track.

American Idol Contestant Britnee Kellogg’s Modeling Photos

American Idol Season 11 contestant Britnee Kellogg wowed the judges in her Portland audition, and now — in a photoshoot with Northwest photographer Whitney Summers — she’s proving she’s just as beautiful on the outside as she is in.

Who Is Jessica Phillips? American Idol 2012 Contestant Background Info

Brooklyn resident Jessica Phillips rounded out American Idol Season 11 auditions in Portland, sharing her heart-wrenching story of unconditional love while we sobbed uncontrollably.With tears streaming down her face, Jessica explained how her boyfriend recently had a stroke that left him with such severe mental damage he did not recognize her upon waking. Now a caregiver, Jessica works with her boyfriend daily on speech and physical therapy. "My life is different," she said with heartbreaking...

Watch Jessica Phillips Sing Faith Evans’ “Again” in American Idol 2012 Portland Auditions on February 1

For Jessica Phillips, American Idol isn’t just a dream, it's another step toward a life-changing miracle. Both her heartbreaking story and her powerful voice touch the judges’ hearts, proving there’s still hope after tragedy.Need your daily dose of American Idol? Like us on our Facebook page at, or follow us on Twitter at!