Rebecca Black performs 'Friday' on 'America's Got Talent' (VIDEO)

Most contestants on 'America's Got Talent' (Wed., 9PM ET on NBC) can only dream of having the kind of overnight success that singer Rebecca Black has enjoyed thanks to her earworm single 'Friday' -- but does she actually have talent? The jury's still split on that one, and there was nothing particularly spectacular about her vocals on stage, but the kid seems determined to have her fifteen minutes of fame no matter what the haters say, and why not? If people keep buying, Black will keep selling.

'America's Got Talent': Four advance, Wild Cards announced

This week we had the 12 YouTube acts on "America's Got Talent." I read a lot of comments last night that they didn't think it was that strong. I really thought it was - no one act blew me completely away, but it was all of their first time doing this show. I just thought it was really strong top to bottom, which you cannot say about any other quarterfinals nights.Anyway, the first group brought down is Gymkana and Powerhouse, the show choir. Gymkana is much stronger, I hope they advance. And they do! Excellent.I shall not be recapping the "Chocolate Rain" performance by Tay Zonday, other than to say that his smile will haunt my dreams. Pure nightmare fuel.Now it's Keenan Cahill, the kid who became famous for lip-syncing "Teenage Dream." Yeah, bleep bleep bleep.And now it's OK Go. Oh my god, how many people are ON this show tonight?!Back to results, finally. TNC...

VIDEO: A Choir That Inspired Glee Performs on America's Got Talent

The Powerhouse Choir from John Burroughs High School in Burbank, Calif., performed during the YouTube round of America's Got Talent auditions. Before their shaky performance of Katy Perry's "Firework," one of them talked about how this troupe inspired Glee (and indeed, the show has been shot at John Burroughs). She also noted the choir members' tendency to sing "all day, every day" and be told to shut up by their non-singing friends. Ha, that's perfect...

TV ratings: 'Talent' is Tuesday's top show, FOX leads in 18-49

Fast National ratings for Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011The ratings pattern that's established itself over the past few Tuesday nights held again this week, with "America's Got Talent" leading NBC to an overall win and FOX scoring the top spot among adults 18-49 thanks to "Hell's Kitchen."NBC averaged 8.9 million viewers and a 5.5 rating/9 share in households for the night, beating out the 8.2 million and 5.6/9 for CBS. FOX (6.2 million, 3.8/6) came in third. ABC (4.7 million, 2.9/5) was fourth, and The CW's repeats brought up the rear with 665,000 viewers and a 0.5/1.FOX led the adults 18-49 demographic with a 2.6 rating. NBC took second with a 2.3. ABC's 1.6 was good enough for third. CBS came in fourth with a 1.4, and The CW drew a 0.3....

Real Glee Club Brings Fireworks to 'America's Got Talent' (VIDEO)

It obviously takes a lot to light Howie Mandel's night like the Fourth of July on 'America's Got Talent,' (Tues., 9PM ET on NBC) because apparently a Glee Club full of snazzily dressed teenagers dancing around to Katy Perry just doesn't cut it. And sure, maybe towards the end, the group was getting a little -- dare we say it? -- pitchy, but those dance moves and harmonies were nothing to sniff at; they used pyrotechnics, for crying out loud!

TV Ratings: 'Bachelor Pad's' splashy season 2 debut

Fast national ratings for Monday, Aug. 8, 2011It was a battle of the reality shows Monday evening. ABC's "Bachelor Pad" premiere opened to winning numbers, topping FOX's "Masterchef" and "Hell's Kitchen" by nearly a million viewers. The rest of the networks were largely left in the dust with wall-to-wall re-run lineups.ABC led the evening with 6.9 million viewers and a 4.6 rating/7 share in households. FOX's cooking lineup came in second with 6 million viewers (3.4/6). Bringing up the rear were CBS (4.5 million, 3.0/5), NBC (4.4 million, 2.8/5) and The CW (586,000, 0.4/1).In the adults 18-49 demographic, FOX actually led with a 2.5 rating to ABC's 2.2.Monday hour-by-hour: 8 p.m.ABC: "Bachelor Pad" (6.5 million, 4.4, 7)FOX: "Hell's Kitchen" (6.5 million, 3.7/6)NBC: "America's Got Talent" re-run (4.9 million, 3.1/5)CBS: "How I Met Your Mother" re-runs (4 million, 2.6/4)The CW: "Gossip Girl" re-run (747,000, 0.5/1)18-49 leader: "Hell's Kitchen" (2.7)9 p.m.ABC: "Bachelor Pad" (7.1 million, 4.7/7)FOX: "Masterchef"...

TV ratings: 'Talent' leads Wednesday in viewers, 'Big Brother' tops demo

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2011"America's Got Talent" dropped a bit in viewers Wednesday, but it still held its position as the night's most-watched show. "Big Brother," however, edged past it for the top spot among adults 18-49.NBC averaged 6.4 million viewers and a 3.8 rating/7 share in households for the night, beating out CBS 6.1 million and 4.0/7. FOX (5.4 million, 3.4/6) came in third. ABC (4.45 million, 2.9/5) finished fourth, and The CW trailed with just under 1.1 million viewers and a 0.7/1.No network managed to break the 2.0 mark among adults 18-49 -- FOX led the way with a 1.8 rating, followed closely by CBS, 1.7, and NBC, 1.6. ABC drew a 1.3 in the demographic, while The CW posted a 0.3....

'America's Got Talent' Backstage Report: Piers Morgan Plans to Bring Back Charles Peachock

Despite getting strikes from two thirds of the judging team on 'America's Got Talent' juggler Charles Peachock made it into the Top Five on last night's results program. It came down to Peachock and impressionist Melissa Villasenor for the fourth act of the night that would advance to the next round and, not surprisingly, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel, who'd both given strikes to Peachock on Tuesday's show, stuck to their guns and threw their support to Villasenor. AOL TV was on the post show press line to speak with the judges, Peachock and other ejected acts to get their reactions to the latest 'AGT' results. Viewers may not have seen the last of Peachock, however. Piers Morgan shared that he's going to throw his wild card vote to the axed juggler.

Maroon 5 'Moves Like Jagger' on 'America's Got Talent' Results Show (VIDEO)

Adam Levine took his act straight from 'The Voice' stage and onto 'America's Got Talent' (Wed., 9PM ET on NBC) when he and Maroon 5 entertained the crowd with their new single "Moves Like Jagger." It was a rock-solid performance, and a great way to remind people of Levine and 'The Voice.' To keep the crowd excited on this tense elimination night, Jason Derulo gave the crowd a medley of his singles, but it was all just a distraction from the reality of the evening. Of twelve acts, only four would move on to the semifinals.

'America's Got Talent': Melissa Villasenor vs. Charles Peachock for the last spot

The final quarterfinal results show for "America's Got Talent" should prove interesting. Should Charles Peachock not advance due to the judges' choice at the end, I shall not be recapping anymore - as I will have thrown my laptop through my TV and will have neither machine with which to recap anymore. (Update: *sigh*).The first results group is Taylor Davis, Avery and the Calico Hearts, Frank Miles and Fatally Unique. Only Fatally Unique deserves to advance out of this group, so it's a good thing that's who advances! They are so happy, it brings tears to my eyes. And Piers is so kind to them, really praising how hard they have worked to improve. I will say - I'm surprised Fatally Unique was in the Top 3 vote-getters. I thought they would be in the judges' choice for sure.We'll be skipping over the Howie/Piers "prank" and the Jason Derulo performance, except to say that the...