So What's America's Next Top Model Whitney Up To Lately?

So you asked, "What's America's Next Top Model Whitney up to?" Well, America's Next Top Model Whitney often makes apperances with both Anya, and Fatima (the bottom three). Whitney seems to be very very busy attending one event after another. The most recent apperance that I am aware of was at the AAFA Image Awards. Visit to view Whitney Thompson, Anya Kop and Fatima Siad's red carpet arrival photo at the AAFA Image Awards.

TV Guide Interview with Whitney

Whether you agree or disagree that Whitney deserved to win this cycle of America's Next Top Model , you can't argue that she's pretty eloquent and articulate, which is something the ANTM judges love! Check out this interview with TV Guide: Plus-Size Top Model Winner Dishes out Food for Thought I particularly appreciated this statement from her: "One thing that separates me from other plus-size models who have been in earlier cycles is that I'm saying, "I'm not emaciated, I'm not starving myself and yet I'm considered plus-size. Why is that? Why is a healthy size considered too big?" So I have this message that I'm trying to carry with me. It was incredibly difficult, but I kept thinking, "If I don't make it, then who is going to be a role model for my 13-year-old cousin? Who are the first-graders that I teach in elementary school going to look up to? Are they going to be a completely lost generation because all of their role models are in rehab or have eating disorders?" I told myself that failure was not an option and pushed through." Though similar to what she said at the end of the finale, I think she makes a really nice point here (one question though, isn't it "full-figured"). Enjoy.

ANTM: Conspiracy Time

Spoilers Included Since many of you are so angry (see comments) about Whitney's victory on ANTM last night and think that she was chosen more to make a statement (her being the full-figured girl) than due to merit...well, you may have a case. Fresh from the rumor mill: Whitney was approached by the America's Next Top Model people and told that, around a size 4, she was a little bit too big to be one of the "normal" models, but that should she gain some weight they would absolutely take her as the plus-sized girl. Check out the evidence here and here . If true, this would of course also mean that Whitney's sob stories of being teased for being curvy her entire life are...false, in which case I might have to retract my earlier statements about not being angry that she won. For the record, this will be the second straight season laden with controversy, as it came out last time that Tyra and Saleisha went way back and furthermore Saleisha had previously been involved in a campaign with Wendy's, which technically breaks eligibility rules. Source: ohnotheydidnt and fourfour

ANTM: Did The Right Girl Win??

Spoilers Included. Avert your eyes now if you haven't seen the last ANTM episode yet or you will be angry! America's Next Top Model finished its 10th cycle tonight, meaning that another girl was crowned a winner. Who won?? Fatima was knocked out first, leaving Anya and Whitney in the final two. After a strong showing in the final fashion show, Whitney emerged victorious! Personally, I am not upset that Whitney won - I think it is awesome that a "full-figured" girl has finally won the competition (and I thought Whitney's closing words were really honest and moving), but frankly I am a little surprised. I thought Anya undeniably had a way stronger portfolio, even though in the final judging the judges tried to present the two girls as basically having done equal quality work (and some even argued that Whitney had better pictures, despite the fact that she had been in the bottom two about 5 times...often for having weak pictures, yet Anya was never in the bottom). I do agree though that Whitney was stronger in the fashion show. She had a lot of personality, whereas Anya seemed subdued and quite nervous. So..I want to hear your reactions! Do you think the right girl won??

TVGuide Interview with Kat

TV Guide interviews the most recent Top Model ejectee, Kat. "Kat"ty Top Model Reject Calls the Competition Clueless They too accuse her of being a little dull, but personally I'd rather see someone that's a little more quiet and intelligent than loud and obnoxious. I was certainly sad to see her go...

Someone Takes Their Top Model Too Seriously...

This is no joke. A crazy woman in Seattle stabbed another woman for being too loud during an episode of Top Model. Read the full story here: America's Next Top Psycho

One Step Closer to Oprah? Tyra Banks Now Eligible for an Emmy... are Ryan Seacrest, Ty Pennington, Keidi Klum, Jeff Probst and any other reality host/hostess! As of this Fall's Emmy Awards, there is a category for "Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program". The hosting distinction is important because this eliminates someone such as Simon Cowell from being eligible. According to the TV Academy only a "proactive master of ceremony host[s]" is eligible - if the person is solely a judge they are not. So...who do you think is the most notable host/hostess of a reality competition and is most deserving of an Emmy nomination??

America's Next Top Model "For Those About To Walk, We Salute You"

Preview of the next episode of ANTM. Fatima have a big problem. Watch This ;

The PTC Strikes Again: ANTM

When watching the "House of Pain" episode of America's Next Top Model two weeks ago, I should have known that the PTC was going to get angry... To borrow from my previous review: "The pain posing lesson turned out to be a secret challenge, which Anya won. Her prize was a nude photo shoot with Nigel. Nigel's quote of the evening: "We're going to make things timeless. One way to do this is to not have any clothes." This sounded particularly creepy, especially since the photo shoot was of Anya in a bed." Turns out that the PTC - the Parents Television Council - found that segment of the episode to be more than creepy; they have deemed it "indecent", and have filed a complaint with the FCC (for those of you not in the know, the FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, are the ones that fine the networks when things like Janet Jackson's nipple get exposed on national television due to a "wardrobe malfunction"). Says the PTC, "The entire photo shoot scene, which lasted for more than a minute, is wholly gratuitous and undoubtedly intended to titillate." Honestly, as I usually feel, I think that the PTC is off base here (they have complained about everything from ER to Without a Trace to Dexter on CBS). Creepy, yes, but "wholly gratuitous" is going overboard. Nothing inappropriate was shown (anything that might have been deemed inappropriate was blurred) and I've seen things that are far more titillating on Gossip Girl ... What do you all think? Just another example of Nigel being creepy, or "wholly gratuitous" and worthy of a fine? Source: NYPost

An Interview with Claire

The LA Times interviewed Top Model's latest castoff Claire and I learned a bunch of new things about her, including that she had graduated from Columbia, had already participated in another reality show called "Runway Moms" for the Discovery Channel and more. Check it out: 'Top Model's' Claire: 'Ivy League mother, crazy person, weirdo environmentalist'