Operation Fabulous? I Have My Doubts...

Tyra Banks is spinning off herself...except that she'll only be producing. Operation Fabulous will star the two Jays - Jay Manuel and J Alexander - as they travel across the country and attempt to make the five least fashionable females in each town they visit into little fashionistas (something tells me that the unfashionable will deep down still be attractive young ladies...). So...does this sound like a hit to you all? To me, it sounds too much like more of the same...basically, it's every show that airs on TLC (What Not to Wear) and one of a few shows that air on Bravo (ahem...Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, anyone). And...this is Tyra's second spinoff announcement of the week! She is also launching Modelville , which within her talk-show will track the paths of former ANTM losers. Ummm, do we care about them either? Update: Jay and J have spoken and want to clear up that "it's not a spinoff" (and is currently only a pilot-order)! Furthermore, to spice things up, each of the made-over ladies will then compete against one another. Because what show can be fabulous without winners and losers? This is slowly sounding more awesome...and, fear not...the Jays are not leaving ANTM. Source: E!Online

A Glimpse Into The Fiercee Awards Episode of 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11

The girls have been cut down to the remaining eight and on October 8 episode, they have to impress Tyra Banks and the other judges with their best snafu pose. Read more.

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11 Teasing Natural Beauty Episode

Get the sneak peek into the October 1 episode of the aspiring model competition where Lauren Brie does her photo shoot with Jay Manuel coaching her on what to do. Read more.

Shocking Dismissal from America's Next Top Model

Isis, the first transgendered model in the history of America's Next Top Model, was sent home this week - and Tyra Banks made it clear that her being transgendered had nothing to do with it. Read more

Cheers: Tyra's Back on Top

Cheers to America's Next Top Model for looking good again. Tyra Banks' reality staple had seemingly reached the end of its creative runway, but the 11th cycle has proven surprisingly fierce. Casting the transgendered Isis could've been a stunt, but she's an intriguing competitor, and the impressively diverse field ranges from a wide-eyed but small-minded Alaskan (Hannah) to a tattooed, sexually ambiguous Angelina Jolie lookalike (Elina). With Project Runway stuck in a season-long malaise -- hello, Suede? -- it's good to see Tyra and Co. are back in fashion. For more from the source, click here .

Transformation Episode of 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11

The highly-anticipated make over episode for the 11th cycle is previewed, taking sample from one of the contestants. Read more.

Stylista to Premiere a Week Early

If you're excited for The CW 's new partner-series to America's Next Top Model , Stylista , then you'll be thrilled to know that the network has moved up the premiere date by a week. Stylista will now premiere October 22nd. It was originally slated to premiere on the 29th. Until the 22nd, The CW will be airing 90210 repeats in the timeslot. Source: Variety

Top Model Sneak Peek!

GLAAD is over the moon with Tyra Banks for her recent inclusion of a transgender wannabe model on her America's Next Top Model contestant roster. Twenty-two-year-old Isis will be taking part in Cycle 11 and explains that she was "born in the wrong body." Also amongst this cycle's contenders is a young lady with a handicap. Her disability? "Memory loss... or something like that." To view the source and the video, visit TV Guide .

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL - Pictures of Season 11 Contestants

Check out the Pictures of Season 11 Contestants ! It's this time again, when we once more take a look at 14 new hopefuls trying to become America's Next Top Model . But this year there is a twist since one of the contestants is transgender. Her name is Isis, and I would have never guessed it if I didn't know. Good for her...him....uh, I don't know anymore.

Top Model to Include its First Transgender Contestant

The new season of America's Next Top Model will include Isis, the show's first transgender contestant. "My cards were dealt differently," Isis, 22, told Us. The aspiring model is from Prince George's County, Maryland, and describes herself as "a woman born physically male." Her historic turn as the show's first transgender contestant, though, isn't why she's getting on the Top Model runway. "I like to help people, but I'm here to follow my dreams," she said. For more from the source, click here .