America's Next Top Model: Watch a 5 Minute Preview of the Cycle 13 Season Premiere!

I could waste 45 seconds of your precious time writing a flowery introduction to this clip in which I would remind you that Cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model premieres on Wednesday, September 9 at 8 PM, and that this season is special because all the contestants are under 5'7'', and that we already have photos of the 14 finalists here, and here, and oh yeah, over here, but I know what you really want. You want to watch that video I teased in the headline, and you want to watch it now! So I'll refrain from wasting any more of your time, except to promise this: I've got the entire first episode in my hands, and I will be giving you even more sneaks and spoilers as the America's Next Top Model premiere date approaches. Source & Preview Here

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Poster: "Book 'Em!"

Check out the newest promotional poster for America's Next Top Model Cycle 13, which (I doubt you'll need to sit down for this shocker) primarily features a high-heeled Tyra towering over her 14 flat-footed, vertically challenged contestants. There's something weirdly comforting in that, despite the various social and economic upheavals that make our world the ever-changing but consistently troubling mess it is, we can always rely on Miss Tyra to make it all about her. With thanks to for posting the, err... poster! (That wasn't repetitive at all!) Source Here

ANTM and Make Me a Supermodel Models Appear on Project Runway

Shame on me for not noticing this! Zap2it uncovered that on last week's Project Runway All Star Challenge, former contestants from both America's Next Top Model and Bravo 's Make Me a Supermodel appeared as models on the runway. Check it out: That's Mountaha (S2) and Shannon (S1) from Supermodel and Anya from ANTM! Source

New ANTM Models Rae and Laura Talk Short Stature, Tall Dreams

We've seen photos of the lucky shorties who will compete in this cycle of America's Next Top Model , but we haven't gotten to hear much from the models just yet. With identities of the chosen 14 now out in the open, the local papers of two finalists, Rachael Weisz and Laura Kirkpatrick, got the chance to ask the girls about their modeling goals and experiences while filming ANTM this spring. Check out their interviews after the jump. Two very different backgrounds and personalities--it should be interesting to see Rae and Laura together when ANTM premieres September 9 on The CW ! To Read More Click Here .

ANTM: Cycle 13 Group Shot

The CW has released the first group shot of the Cycle 13 shorties. Check it out: From left to right: Sundai, Nicole, Laura, Erin, Lulu, Jennifer, Brittany, Courtney, Bianca, Rae, Kara, Ashley, Rachel, Lisa Source

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL Cycle 14 Casting Calls

August 17, 2009 (Burbank, California) - Open casting calls for The CW 's " America's Next Top Model " cycle 14 will be held in select cities across the country. Casting began in New York city on Saturday, August 15. Casting directors are looking for females, ages 18 to 27, of diverse backgrounds, shapes, sizes and with a minimum height requirement of 5'7" tall. Open Call Cities: Saturday, August 22 Atlanta, Georgia 10:00am - 3:00pm The Westin Peachtree Plaza 210 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30303 Saturday, August 29 Chicago, Illinois 10:00am - 3:00pm Location TBD Wednesday, September 2 Denver, Colorado 11:00am - 3:00pm Location TBD Saturday, September 5 Las Vegas, NV 11:00am - 3:00pm Location TBD Saturday, September 12 Houston, Texas 10:00am - 3:00pm Location TBD Saturday, September 19 Los Angeles, California 10:00am - 3:00pm Location TBD * Locations and times subject to change. Please visit for up-to-date casting information, applications, as well as additional open calls sponsored by local CW Affiliates. AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL is produced by 10 by 10 Entertainment in association with Bankable Productions. Tyra Banks is the creator and executive producer along with Ken Mok ("Making the Band") and Daniel Soiseth (" Hell's Kitchen "). Source Here

Pics: 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 13 Contestants

" America's Next Top Model " has introduced the 14 girls that are selected to compete for the title in the 13th cycle. Ranging between 18 to 23 years old, the contestants provide a new dynamic to the show by being 5'7" and under. The line-up includes a waitress, a customer service worker, and a cheer instructor. But it expands to a 21-year-old mother named Rae who comes from Rochester, Minnesota. Listing herself as a homemaker, Rae would like to live out the dream as a model at the same time. The 13th cycle will premiere on September 9. Tyra Banks is back hosting, accompanied in the judging panel by photographer Nigel Barker and runway diva Miss Jay Alexander. Paulina Porizkova ended her run as a regular judge last season, being kicked out due to budgetary problem. The show, however, will present a number of guest judges that include Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian. Source here

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13: Sneak Peeks of the Shorties

As we slowly inch towards September 9, when America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 will premiere with the first-ever cast of models 5'7'' or under, The CW is getting closer to finally letting us all know who the lucky girls are! But not quite yet. What we do have are a handful of 10-second promos for the shorties' season, with some glimpses of faces with which you and I are sure to become all too familiar this fall... To Read More Click here .

Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian to Guest Judge Top Model - Featured

Just when you thought Lauren Conrad was done with reality television, the former Hills starlet is jumping back into the game as a guest judge for America's Next Top Model . Joining Conrad on the roster of guest judges for Cycle 13 (premiering Wednesday, September 9 at 8/7 CT on CW) is another fashionista who knows a thing or two about reality television - Kim Kardashian. In a change of pace from cycles past, the upcoming season of Top Model will focus on finding America's Next Petite Model where all contestants are 5'7" and under (well, petite by industry standards). Will you tune in to the new season of pocket-sized models? Source Here

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 7 Winner CariDee English Involved in Sublet Drama?

Winning America's Next Top Model apparently gives one the right to trash someone else's home, or maybe that's what CariDee English thinks. Nowadays, she's being called "America's Next Top Slob," but before we jump to that, let's go over the gory details. According to New York Magazine, CariDee English reportedly subleased a Brooklyn apartment for two weeks through Craigslist. A deal was struck, but the two parties didn't really meet face-to-face. When the owner returned home, she found that it was beyond anything she could ever imagine. She even denied CariDee's deposit back. The furious lessor sent an e-mail to the America's Next Top Model winner, stating her case. While it sounds like she's really accusing CariDee English of trashing her apartment, the message also seems like a desperate plea for attention. Honestly, there's no way this can be taken seriously. "Ryan and Caridee," the note began. "I was shocked when I returned home yesterday to find a hole in the middle of my living room wall that was made during your stay. Coincidentally it's about the same size as the remote control, which is also broken. For this, I will be keeping your deposit." The e-mail also went on to discuss "fake orange tan dust all over everything" as well as "short black hairs all over the bathroom." There were also accusations of having "black sludge and lipstick smeared along walls." The writer of the note found the whole scenario "both puzzling and sickening," and even informed Perez Hilton of the situation. It's one of the reasons why many don't believe the story is true. If only there was photographic evidence to support this whole mess. "Take responsibility for your profoundly tantastic lives," the e-mail continued. To read the full message, click here. Upon finding out about the news, CariDee English rebuffed the story and said that they were "extremely false" claims. Whether or not her living habits really are that chaotic, she'll probably be staying away from Craigslist for the time being. Source Here