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Arrow Season 5: Can Oliver Be a Mayor, a Hero and a Killer?

  Although Oliver ( Stephen Amell ) finally defeated Damien Darhk ( Neal McDonogh ) and was elected interim mayor of Star City in Arrow 's fourth season finale, this victory was short-lived, with Diggle ( David Ramsey ) and Thea ( Willa Holland ) hanging up their hoods once the battle was won. So, where does ...Read More...

Supergirl Joins The CW's Superhero Fight Club WATCH VIDEO

The CWs Superhero Fight Club has a new member, and she couldnt be more giddy to join the ranks. Supergirl gets kidnapped by the heroes of Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in a new promo, featuring an upgraded training facility equipped for the Girl of Steels powers, withTeam Tech (aka Cisco and Felicity) []

The CW's Big DC Superhero Crossover Will Pit the Heroes Against an Alien Invasion

We already know that Kara, Barry, Ollie, and the Legends are all teaming up for a one week-long crossover on the CW, and now we know why. Theyll all be facing a very old threat from the pages of DC Comics: The alien race best known as the Domination. ...Read More...

Arrow Meets Supergirl in New Teaser of Upcoming Crossover

Stephen Amell takes to Instagram to share a photo of Arrow and Melissa Benoist's Supergirl on the roof of a building in Vancouver. ...Read More...

Arrow Season 5 Trailer: A Killer Oliver, Felicity's Beau, Dig Returns and More

Oliver Queen is, once again, a killing machine. In a new trailer for Arrow Season 5, the masked hero puts death-by-lethal force back on the table, which is a a huge step backwards, in Theas opinion. While Oliver certainly makes his might known on the streets of Star City, taking out criminals left and right, []

'Arrow': Ranking the Most Formidable Villains

Before season five of The CW's comic book series introduces Prometheus,THR counts down all the worst adversaries Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has faced previously.   Read More...

'Arrow' Season 5 Preview: Who is Returning for Episode 100?

Arrow season 5 is still a week away from airing. The cast and crew are in the midst of preparing for, and filming, episode 100 though which will fall right in the middle of the huge 4-part crossover between all the CW's superhero shows this season. As typically is the case with big events coming to Arrow , star Stephen Amell has taken to social media with a lot teases. Amell has teased the return of a big character for Arrow season 5 and episode 100. ...  Read More...

Arrow Episode 100: Big Bad [Spoiler] Will Return for Four-Way Crossover

Monday in the park with Deathstroke? The Arrow Season 2 baddie will make a return for the shows 100th episode, airing later this season as part ofa four-way crossover event withthe three other CW superhero series:The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. As seen in the following photo shared by star Stephen Amell on Monday []

Arrow Episode 100: Robert Queen (and Laurel?) 'Resurrected' for 4-Way Xover

Arrows milestone 100th episode, which lands in the middle section of the CW superhero series four-way crossover event (also involving The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl), will feature at least one and probably two dearly departed blasts from the past. As revealed on Thursday in an Episode 100 table read photo (tweeted out by []

Arrow Season 5 Poster Highlights Oliver's Fight for His City

When it comes to posters promoting new seasons of returning shows, we always appreciate a fresh, dedicated photo shoot as The CWs Arrow has done to tout Season 5. The dramatic poster released on Wednesday via social media features Stephen Amell in a hero shot, clad in the latest upgrade to Green Arrows costume, []