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Arrow-verse Crossover Details: Trust Issues! Oliver's Fiancee! Stein's Goof!

The CW has released official synopses for the episodes of Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow that will make up the much-ballyhooed 4-way crossover event, and there be meaningful spoilers! As has been well-reported, the Heroes vs. Aliens showdown technically kicks off at the tail end of Supergirls Nov. 28 episode, which otherwise []

Arrow Preview: Vigilante's 'Exciting' Arrival and Oliver's 'Resolute' Path

With Big Bad Prometheus still a threat to Star City, Team Arrow needs all the help they can get. But they probably werent expecting yet another new and mysterious crimefighter to appear on the scene. This Wednesdays episode (The CW, 8/7c) marks the debut of Vigilante, a moniker adopted by D.A. Adrian Chase []

'Arrow' Episode 5.7 Photos: Is Star City Big Enough to Hold Two Vigilantes?

In "Vigilante," episode 7 of the 5th season of Arrow, two bodies are found on the steps of the Star City Police Department. They were two notorious criminals and it doesn't take long for Oliver to realize that the Green Arrow is getting some outside help. On one hand, it's comforting to know that someone else is out there keeping the city safe, but Oliver's team is split on whether or not this is indeed a good thing. They wrestle if this new person or persons should be stopped or allow them to continue. Meanwhile, Lance confesses a "shocking secret" and in a flashback, Oliver has a sit down chat with baddie Konstantin Kovar played by baddie Dolph Lundgren. ...Read More...

See The Flash and Arrow's Banter in New Promo of Epic Four-Way Crossover

The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow band together when aliens, which Cisco describes as 'World War Z' zombies, attack Earth.  ...Read More...

Arrow: Which New Recruits Are Hitting the Bull's-Eye? Which Are Off-Target?

Now that each of Team Arrows new recruits has at least a few weeks under his/her belt, its time to take stock of who is hitting the mark and who is sailing wide. For sure, the new teams trajectory has been a bumpy one, saddled early on by Olivers lack of faith in the fresh []

Think 'Arrow' was meh last season? Stephen Amell agrees

When the star of your show is freely admitting the poor quality of last season, thats not a good sign. Whats caused "Arrows" Stephen Amell to express his disappointment? ...Read More...

Supergirl Meets the Stars of The Flash, Arrow and Legends in Epic Crossover Trailer

  The CW has released the first look at the epic four-night DC superhero crossover. Kicking off on Monday, Nov. 28, the event will find the stars of Supergirl , The Flash , Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow teaming up to fight the Dominators, an alien race with the power of mind-control. ...Read More...

The Flash Introduces Supergirl to Arrow and the Legends in First Crossover Promo

See Oliver Queen's cold welcome and Kara's enthusiastic reaction to meeting the Legends of Tomorrow in the teaser.  ...Read More...

Supergirl Meets Arrowverse in Four-Way Crossover Teaser Watch

When it comes to The CWs upcoming four-way crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, Felicity Smoak says it best in a new teaser promo: Best. Team. Up. Ever. In the all-too-brief sneak peek, Barry introduces his Kryptonian pal to his other super friends Green Arrow, White Canary, Firestorm, the Atom and []

'Arrow': There's No Way Quentin Lance Is Prometheus -- And Here's Why

"So It Begins" was fans' first real look at season 5's big bad villain, Prometheus. Though Prometheus has appeared in nearly every episode since the season premiere, his appearances have always been quick glimpses or terrifying teases. "So It Begins" gave us our first real look at not only what Prometheus is planning but why Oliver should be afraid of him.   The biggest reveal of the episode, though, was when the show closed on apparently revealing Prometheus's real identity as Quentin Lance. It's a jaw-dropping revelation and completely changes the course of season 5. Too bad that there is no way that is actually true ... but that doesn't mean it is a total red herring. ...Read More...