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Arrow: Everything to Know About Laurel's Return

  Arrow 's midseason finale ended with a major cliffhanger: Oliver Queen ( Stephen Amell ) walking into the Team Arrow lair, only to be greeted by Laurel Lance ( Katie Cassidy ). For most people, unexpectedly running into your ex who recently declared her unrequited love for you would be a tad awkward, but ...Read More...

Arrow Sneak Peek: Will Imprisoned Diggle Find a Surprising Savior?

Theres good news and very bad news for the recently arrested Diggle in this exclusive video from tonights Arrow winter premiere (The CW, 8/7c). Just like with the soldiers first tripbehind bars, Olivercomes to his friends aid, this time by forcingpersuasively askingAdrian Chase to representDig. Now for the downside: During a prison chat, the D.A. []

‘Arrow’ Boss Marc Guggenheim Teases Season 6 Flashbacks and Shaking Up the Format

If you’re an Arrow watcher, there’s one thing you know beyond a shadow of a doubt about Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), it’s that before he returned to the mainland to save his city, he spent five years on a hellish island with only one goal: survive. By the end of Season 5, that goal will have been achieved, Oliver will escape from Lian Yu, and the story will catch up to the events of Season 1. That means it’s the end of Arrow’s episodic structure as we know it, but does it mean they’re abandoning flashback sequences entirely leaving the goofy wigs behind forever? READ MORE...

‘Arrow’ EP Marc Guggenheim Teases Dark Days Ahead for Felicity

Arrow has been rough on our dear Felicity Smoak over the years. Emily Bett Rickards‘ tech genius turned right-hand-man of the Star City vigilantes has been through the ringer over the years thanks to a paralyzing gunshot wound, her twisted family affairs, and a number of ill-fated loves, not to mention the tragic events at Havenrock. But it looks like the sad twist at the end of the Season 5 fall finale was the last straw. Just before the show’s hiatus, Oliver (Stephen Amell) was duped by Prometheus into killing Felicity’s new boyfriend, SCPD Detective Billy Malone (Tyler Ritter) and when the series returns later this month, we’re going to see Felicity taking a darker turn in her pursuit to bring down the real Prometheus — a mission that will find her tied up with some unexpected allies. READ MORE...

Arrow EPs Put Best Spin on Spoilery Promo, Tease Idea of New Black Canary

Argue, if you will, that everybody knew! how Arrow was bringing back original cast member Katie Cassidy, as seen at the close of the winter finale. The fact remains that the promo for the CW dramas midseason return (airing Wednesday, Jan. 25) reveals a bit too much to Joe Viewer (versus Sammy Spoilerholic) about how []

The CW Renews All Its Superhero Shows -- but What's Still Missing?

  The CW has renewed seven series for next season, the network announced Sunday ahead of its Television Critics Association winter TV previews. All four of its superhero anchors -- Arrow (Season 6), DC's Legends of Tomorrow (Season 3), The Flash (Season 3) and Supergirl (Season 3) -- will return for ...Read More...

Arrow Photos: Oliver and Felicity Target Prometheus in Winter Premiere

The death of her beau drives Arrows Felicity into the field in search of Detective Billy Maloneskiller in the first photos from the CW dramas Jan. 25winter premiere (airing at 8/7c). Oliver comes face-to-face with baddie Prometheus but not his real face as the broken-hearted blonde gets in on the action. Felicity has set her sights []

Arrow's Oliver and Susan: What Is and Isn't Happening Between Them

First things first: Arrows Oliver did not bed reporter Susan Williams in the immediate wake of accidentally killing Felicitys boyfriend. So, whew on that one. As the CW series brought its fall run to a close, Susan (played by Carly Pope) offered a sounding board to distraught, increasingly despondent Oliver, before urging him to not []

Arrow's New Promo Is So Oddly Spoilery, We Hesitated to Share It -

Perhaps the tagline here should be "The Spoilers Are Deafening"? A newly released promo for the return of The CW’s Arrow (on Jan. 25) reveals so much about one of the midseason finale’s bombshells, the part of me that prefers to preserve surprises was inclined to pretend it doesn’t exist. And yet here we are. Read the full article at .

Arrow's Latest Cliffhanger May Have Just Been Solved

Remember the shocker that awaited Ollie when he entered the Arrow-cave in the last season of the midseason finale? A new promo seems like it has a pretty clear answer as to how that surprise was possible. ...Read More...