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Awkward EPs Talk Matty and Jenna's Big Moment, Other Finale Twists Plus: What Would Season 6 Look Like?

Ihope you enjoyed Tuesdays Awkward finale, because its (possibly) the last time youll see the Palos Hills gang in the same place ever again. TVLine spoke with showrunners Mike Chessler and Chris Alberghini about the episodesbiggest moments and what a potential sixth season might look like but first, a quick recap: Already uncertain []

Awkward EPs on Life Beyond Season 5: 'Most of the Cast Is Interested'

If youre not sure whether to approach Tuesdays one-hour Awkward (MTV, 10/9c) as a season or series finale, theres a good reason for that: Its a little bitof both. We always thought it should feel like the ending of a chapter, executive producer Mike Chessler tells TVLine of the episode. We really wanted this finale []

Awkward's Beau Mirchoff Previews His Favorite Scene as a Director Plus: Will Matty and Jenna Ever Get 'Closure'?

From the moment Beau Mirchoff (aka Matty Fing McKibben!) sat in the directors chair for Tuesdays episode of Awkward (MTV, 10/9c), the first-timer knew he had his work cut out for him. After all, following last weeks intense final scene if youre really quiet at night, you canstillhear Jenna wailing, Im fing sorry! this []

Jenna and Luke get serious in exclusive 'Awkward' trailer

Awkward wouldnt be Awkward without, well, a ton of awkward moments and theres no shortage of them in an exclusive trailer for the rest of the MTV shows fifth season. For example: Jenna (Ashley Rickards) prematurely tells Luke (Evan Williams) they should move in together,...   Read More...

Awkward's Jillian Rose Reed Hints at Tamara's New Guy, Talks Dream Spinoff

After scoring a new best friend (Sadie!) and a new wardrobe (holy credit card debt!), Awkwards Tamara is ready for her biggest change yet. There is going to be another love interest for Tamara down the line, Jillian Rose Reed tells TVLine. He comes in kind of a funny way, and he really catapults herstoryline []

Awkward Stars Talk Time Jump Twists, Jenna and Matty's Future in Season 5B

If change appears atop your personal list of fears, Tuesdays Awkward premiere (MTV, 10/9c) is going to feel like an actual nightmare. When the comedy returns for the second half of what couldbe its final season, the Palos Hills gang has experienced a full year of post-high school life and all the bizarre, unpredictable transitions []

Awkward, Faking It Get New Trailers From MTV (Video)

MTV has released new trailers for Awkward and Faking It ahead of the series return next month. The trailer forAwkward Season 5B picks up a year after the mid-season finale, with Jenna heading into summer a year out of high school. She returns with a new-found confidence as she starts an exciting fellowship at an Internet startup, but as she reconnects with her high school friends, its clear that there has been a lot shes missed.  Read More...

MTV Sets Premiere Dates for Awkward's (Probably) Final Season and Faking It Season 3

Mark your calendars because your favorite teen comedies will be back soon!    Read More...

Ashley Rickards Teases Final (Or Is It?) Season Of MTV's 'Awkward'

The last time we caught up with Jenna Hamilton, she had finally "DTRd" with Matty (f**king) McKibben, somehow survived high school and closed a particularly awkward chapter of her life. Over the last five seasons, "Awkward" has followed Jenna and the hilariously honest world she inhabits on a journey marked by more embarrassing moments than any high schooler should have to endure. Before the second part of the fifth and possibly final season premieres in 2016, Ashley Rickards, who brings Jenna Hamilton to life on screen, gave us the scoop about what's to come in college, whether she's #TeamMatty and what kind of statement "Awkward" makes about the modern teenage experience.

Awkward EPs Preview Jenna/Matty's Post-Finale Future, Possible Season 6

Can we talk about the final seven words of Mondays Awkward finale? Just when it seemed like Jenna and Matty had finally reached their unreachable happily-ever-after she drove him up to college and they decided to remain a couple Jenna wrapped the hour-long episode with this fan-displeasing bombshell: Of course, thats not quite []