Finale Fever: SideReel's Top 10 Favorite Series Finales, Part 1 - Featured

Friends - 10.20, The Last One (2) After 10 seasons of living, loving, losing and laughing with this gang, Friends came to a sad but perfect end. We got Ross's dramatic race to the airport, leaving him (and us) brokenhearted as he went home without Rachel, then finally the perfect reunion we'd dreamed of! Not everything can last forever, so while Rachel and Ross got together, Chandler and Monica went through with their move and Joey was heading for LA, but we were left knowing everyone was happy and would still see each other plenty in their fictional post-show lives. Arrested Development 3.13, Development Arrested After numerous hilarious and sadly unsuccessful blatant pleas to 'Save the Bluths,' Arrested gave in to its under-appreciated canceled fate. As usual, the finale featured all the Bluths spiraling out of control, but to truly epic series finale proportions! We got the mysteries of Maeby AND Lindsay's true identities solved, George Sr. out of prison, and a party squabble that ended with all the Bluths (and non-Bluths) getting a banana stand justice smackdown, a police boat chase, a final batch of huge mistakes, and maybe a (now confirmed!) movie. Battlestar Galactica - 4.20, Daybreak (2) This show's finale was not loved by all, but overall, I think the series was wrapped up well after all the drama, fighting, and death. It didn't bring a cheesy happy ending or a tragic one, but it brought enough of the characters a future on Earth, plus finally brought peace to them all. There was far too much religious influence, and my biggest disappointment was the lameness of the Starbuck conclusion, but I think all the characters minus Starbuck wrapped up just right from the sad but sweet ending for the President and Adama, and everyone else left getting to finally live happily... with the threat of repeating it all over again generations later... Gilmore Girls - 7.22, Bon Voyage I had expected this series finale to be a big cliffhanger since the cancellation wasn't for certain when the episode was filmed, but luckily it was expected enough that they did a wonderful job of giving us a satisfying ending. We were left with Luke and Lorelai finally happily together, Rory graduated with an excellent job lined up, and Rory not with a guy but with the possibility of love to come. Ah, just right! Dawson's Creek - 6.24, ...Must Come to an End No true fan can discuss this finale for too long without a few tears, but that is exactly why this was one of the greatest season finales. Not only was it perfectly tear-jerking (okay, they played us a little hard with the Jen dying storyline), but as we jumped into the future with the creek kids of Capeside, we saw everything was just right with Dawson reaching his dream of making a show, Joey a writer living happily with Pacey, and they all came together to see Jen in her final days. It was sad, but a perfect way to say goodbye to the characters, and to see that long-awaited love triangle conclusion that left everyone happy - isn't WB just the best?

Battlestar Vet Goes Very, Very Bad for Numbers Finale

Guest star James Callis ( Battlestar Galactica 's Dr. Gaius Baltar) plus a straggly wig and a dash of Charles Manson adds up to a very chilling episode of CBS' Numbers, as the hit CBS drama winds down its fifth season. The British actor offered a look inside the creation of the charismatic sociopath who dared to abduct Charlie's sweetheart, Amita. To Read More Click here .

FOX to Air Virtuality Pilot on July 4th

From The Futon Critic: "FOX is giving viewers a holiday treat on Saturday, July 4. Network sources have confirmed to the site exclusively that the two-hour pilot to Virtuality will air on said night at 8:00/7:00c. Co-created by Michael Taylor and Ronald D. Moore ( Battlestar Galactica ), the sci-fi drama revolves around the crew of the Phaeton, Earth's first starship. To endure the 10-year journey, the astronauts use virtual reality modules which allow them to assume avatars and explore self-created scenarios. But just as the mission is about to enter its critical go/no-go phase, a virus begins to infect the system and puts all of their lives on the line. The show's ensemble cast includes Clea DuVall, Erik Jensen, Gene Farber, James D'Arcy, Jimmi Simpson, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Joy Bryant, Kerry Bishe, Nelson Lee, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Omar Metwally, Richie Coster and Sienna Guillory. Peter Berg helmed the Universal Media Studios-based pilot and executive produced alongside Taylor, Moore, Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun and Sarah Aubrey." And from SciFi Wire : "It's not clear if the show is being picked up as a series; the pilot was ordered revamped during production. Fox announces its fall lineup on May 18."

Battlestar Galactica Blu-ray Release Details

The epic story of survival that redefined science-fiction television for a new generation comes to a breathtaking finish when Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.5 arrives on Blu-ray(TM) Hi-Def and DVD on July 28, 2009 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Click me For Full Details!

Every Frakkin' BSG Clip From Robot Chicken - Featured

Already missing Battlestar Galactica ? Even if you aren't a frequent viewer of the hilarious stop-motion animation comedy Robot Chicken on the Cartoon Network , you'll still find these clips hilarious: Every Frakkin' Battlestar Galatica Clip on Robot Chicken

Caprica Pilot Video Clips

Here is some Caprica Video Clip from the unaired pilot courtesy of Enjoy, from this scene alone I can tell the show wont disappoint and will fill the BSG void! I think someone has posted some of them before but I think these are a mix of those and a mix of new ones.

Seven New Caprica Clips - Featured

Universal Studios Home Video has released seven clips on YouTube from the upcoming Battlestar Galactica prequel series Caprica , which we've embedded after the jump. The two-hour pilot episode of Caprica will drop on DVD on April 21 and will air on SCI FI Channel in 2010. Executive-produced by Ronald D. Moore and David Eick and Remi Aubuchon, Caprica will be accompanied on the DVD by bonus features that take viewers behind the scenes, including feature commentary with Moore and Eick and director Jeffrey Reiner; deleted scenes; video blogs; and the featurettes "What the Frak Is Caprica?" "The Director's Process," "The V Club" and "The Birth of a Cylon." The film will also be available at selected online destinations for digital download transactions. Universal Cable Productions will begin production on the Caprica series this summer in Vancouver, Canada. CLICK HERE TO SEE CAPRICA CLIPS Update - Original Clips have been pulled but some of the same clips and additional ones are now available here: Eight New CAPRICA Clips Replace Footage Pulled Earlier This Week!!

Weekend Numbers: The Final BSG, Dollhouse, Kings and More - Featured

Some ratings highlights for the weekend: The final episode of Battlestar Galactica drew 2.4 million viewers - up 56% from the Season 3 finale. Dollhouse 's big game-changing episode dipped slightly to 4.13 viewers - though this was somewhat expected due to the BSG finale and in fact was good enough for a 3rd place finish (though the downside is this means Friday Night Lights finished in 4th for the hour). Skipping over to Sunday, some bad news for Kings fans. In its second outing, the show dropped 23% to only 4.3 million viewers. Winners for the night included 60 Minutes with Barack Obama (16.2 million viewers), Desperate Housewives (14.7 million viewers), Cold Case (10.8 million viewers) and Brothers & Sisters (10.4 million viewers). Sources: TV Guide and EW

Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore Answers Our Burning Questions - Featured

We've finally seen the epic final episode of Battlestar Galactica , and we're sure you have tons of burning questions about the choices made by executive producer and writer of the episode, Ron Moore. Luckily for us, Moore sat down with to shed light on the finale's structural, spiritual and emotional elements. To Read More Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List for Friday, March 20, 2009 - Featured

* Battlestar Galactica (9 pm/ET Sci-Fi ) While many shows lose their viewership and often get yanked off the air without the benefit of a scripted finale, there are a few that retain their audiences until they get to say a proper good-bye to their fans. Closure is nice, but this is frakking Battlestar Galactica we're talking about! The bell tolls for the series after four seasons with a two-hour episode, in which Adama and Co. launch a desperate recovery mission for Hera. Keep the tissues handy. * Friday Night Lights (9 pm/ET NBC) Now that Tyra's renewed interest in bad boys has blown up in her face, she decides it's time to play nice with Landry once again. But Landry doesn't exactly welcome her back with open arms, and it's up to Tyra to prove she can be a "giver" and not just a "taker." Elsewhere, Buddy blindsides Lyla when he comes clean about problems he's having. But that surprise is nothing compared to the shocking discovery Eric makes in tonight's episode. * Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (8 pm/ET Fox) Normally, it's what you did in your past that affects your future, but that line of reasoning gets tossed out the window when people and machines habitually visit the past to change the outcome of a war that hasn't happened yet. Jesse's submarine ride in the future spells trouble for Sarah, John and Derek in the present while Cameron's future (also in the present) hangs in the balance. * Dog Whisperer (9 pm/ET National Geographic) Young and the Restless star Eileen Davidson calls upon Cesar Milan to help rehabilitate her nippy wheaten terrier, who has a habit of biting her son and frightening away all of his friends. Later, the dog guru helps a Jack Russell terrier named Elvis who gets all shook up when his owner runs the garbage disposal. * Party Down (10:30 pm/ET Starz) A promising new entry in cable sitcomville has quite the impressive pedigree. One of the creators-executive producers-writers is Rob Thomas, who was the main man behind Veronica Mars. This new series chronicles the workaday misadventures of a crew of employees at an L.A.-based catering company called Party Down, where all the workers are showbiz wannabes. Among the regulars are former Mars-tians Ryan Hansen and Ken Marino, while Veronica's TV dad, Enrico Colantoni, guest stars on the premiere. Ms. Mars herself, Kristen Bell, is slated to appear on an upcoming episode. Source here