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Julie Chen Expecting Her First Child

Big Brother host Julie Chen will no longer just babysit reality TV stars. Chen announced on The Early Show that she and husband Leslie Moonves are expecting their first child. The baby is due October 4. Never fear, Big Brother fans: Chen said the pregnancy will not keep her from her weekly hosting duties for the 11th cycle of the show, airing this summer. Chen and Moonves, the CEO of CBS, were married in 2004. Moonves has three grown children from a previous marriage. Source Here

How Big Brother 10's Dan Talked His Way to $500,000

After a long summer of manipulation, betrayal and all the other underhanded adjectives that go along with Big Brother, Catholic school teacher Dan Gheesling was crowned the game's winner by a 7-0 vote ... To read the interview, visit the source, at TV Guide

High school teacher wins 'Big Brother 10'

Dan Gheesling schooled everyone on "Big Brother 10." The sneaky 24-year-old high school teacher from Dearborn, Mich., won the voyeuristic CBS reality show's $500,000 prize Tuesday after outlasting 12 other contestants inside a makeshift house on a Studio City soundstage. Gheesling was unanimously voted the winner by the show's jury, made up of the past seven evicted houseguests. Read more

Big Brother 10's Jerry: "I Don't Have to Apologize"

Jerry MacDonald made history before he ever walked through the Big Brother house's front door by being the oldest person ever cast for a reality TV show. And then the 75-year-old made memories by fondling a fellow houseguest two-thirds his age and being in the middle of several of the season's most heated shouting matches. Even so, the great-grandpa from Texas worked his way to the Final 3 before being evicted just short of the prize money. In our chat he tells us why he was so grabby, why he makes no apologies for his behavior in the house and the real reason behind his problems with Dan. For more from the source, click here .

Big Brother's Keesha Dishes on Being Backstabbed

As this season of Big Brother winds toward its conclusion, each eviction becomes a little harder to swallow -- especially when it's a former alliance member giving you the boot. For Keesha Smith, it was a fellow houseguest who had promised to sit beside her at the end of the game that cast the sole vote to evict her. Here, she sounds off on being betrayed, living and fighting with a 75-year-old man and what's she's most looking forward to in the jury house. To read the interview, and see the source, visit TV Guide .

Wig Out: Big Brother 10's Renny on Her Eviction

Between her multiple wigs and boas as vibrant as her personality, Renny Martyn definitely brought plenty of color to the Big Brother house this season. Her antics kept us (and her fellow houseguests) entertained, but her charm was ultimately seen as her biggest threat, causing the other players to evict her rather than possibly sitting beside her at the end. We chatted with Renny about her feelings toward Memphis, her sleepwalking and whether her not her many wigs symbolize her multiple personalities. To view the source and read the Q&A, visit TV Guide .

Big Brother 10's Ollie Dishes on His Whirlwind Eviction

After watching his lady friend April walk out the Big Brother door last week, Bryan Ollie (who was called by his last name all season to avoid confusion with another houseguest) fought hard to hang on to win a grueling head of household competition. But when Dan made him an offer too good to be true, he gave up the power and placed his fate in Dan's hands. Unfortunately for Ollie, it was too be good to be true, as Dan broke his word by nominating Michelle, despite Ollie's pleas to keep her safe. Even worse, Ollie's plans for revenge were quickly thwarted when a surprise double eviction saw him walking out the door. We talked to Ollie about Dan's betrayal, his relationship with April and who he thinks will take the grand prize. To read the interview, Goto the Source here at TV Guide .

Big Brother 10's April: Sex, Lies and Videotape

April Dowling said she didn't do anything to deserve being evicted from the Big Brother 10 house. True, she was quite "friendly" (she let a 75-year-old man grab her breasts on Day 1 and a quick YouTube search will return multiple videos of her cozying up with her showmance partner Ollie, obviously forgetting -- or not caring -- that the camera is always running), but the feeling with the rest of the house apparently wasn't mutual. Though she has no idea how much of her has made its way onto the Internet, we were able to chat about her 4-1 eviction, how she really feels about Keesha and, of course, her showmance. To view the source, and read the interview, visit TV Guide .

Big Brother's "Puppet Mistress" on Getting Her Strings Cut

After letting her pull the strings since Week 1, the Big Brother 10 houseguests finally got wise and cut short Libra's stay in the house. Unfortunately for them, the self-proclaimed "puppet mistress" still has control over the remaining players, as with her eviction she became the first member of the sevent-person jury who crowns the winner. Because of that, we couldn't get too detailed in our chat, but we did manage to get her thoughts on this season's voting habits, how she survived so long without winning HOH and what she's planning to do with her week alone in the jury house. Here are a few excerpts: You dominated the game early on. Why do you think you're sitting here now? Libra Thompson: I'm a little bummed out for sure, but if you try to take risks in Big Brother, it's not always the best way to go about it. It was an experience, a journey, and I'm glad to be a part of it. And I had a lot of fun! I've been calling you the puppet master since Week 2. Was that always your plan? Libra: I apparently didn't get the memo. From the onset, I was going to be one of the players that just kind of stays in the background, at least until Week 5. I wasn't going to say much and just look around and see what I was working with. For more from the source, visit TV Guide by clicking here .

Big Brother 10's Steven: "I Didn't Agree with My Nomination"

After the majority of the house evicted mastermind Brian, the houseguests set their sights on those loyal to him. Unfortunately for gay rodeo star Steven Daigle, that put him on the nomination block and, ultimately, out the door. We chatted with Steven to talk about how stressful it was in the house, what he thought of Jessie's self-centered goodbye message and who he thinks is ruling the house. To continue reading this article, please visit: TVGuide Big Brother 10