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Big Brothers Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder Talk Wedding, Baby Plans (VIDEO)

There are few origin stories in reality television cuter than that of Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. The two lovebirds met on Season 11 of Big Brother and fell in love over the course of the season. What are their wedding and baby plans?   Read More...

Watch a Sneak Peek of Jeff and Jordan's Engagement on Big Brother

  Another Big Brother wedding is in the works and the proposal will airon Sunday'sepisode of the show. On Friday, former contestant Jeff Schroeder popped the question to his girlfriend and Season 11 castmate Jordan Lloyd in the Big Brother backyard. "Five years ago we met here, so I wanted to come full circle," Schroeder told Lloyd, before getting down on one knee.   Read More...

Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan Are Engaged! (PHOTO)

Yasssss it's about time, guys! The Big Brother motto is "expect the unexpected," but fans have been expecting Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd to get engaged for years now. He finally put a ring on it today, Friday, September 5. And, appropriately enough, he popped the question in the Big Brother house.   Read More...

What Would It Take To Be on 'Big Brother' 12?

CBS' Big Brother celebrates a dozen seasons this summer, as the renowned reality TV series returns for another run. With casting underway and excitement high, we're expecting a lot from this new bunch of houseguests. But so far, there haven't been any picks yet. That's why we're looking at what it takes to be a contestant on Big Brother 12. We're betting brains and brawn aren't the only requirements though. Big Brother Network talked to Kassting Inc.'s Senior Casting Director Tedd to find out what personalities they're looking for on this year's Big Brother installment. The answer, apparently, is simple: personality. But not too much. "Be yourself," he advised. "This was the most frequent piece of advice given out at the audition. Relax, stay comfortable, and just be yourself. Don't overthink it." It's also best if you don't plan everything and go there with a scripted speech. You do have to be interesting though, just to catch the eye of those casting. To Read More Click Here .

'Big Brother 12': Casting calls start April 1 [UPDATED]

Summer must be just around the corner -- "Big Brother" is starting the open casting calls for the 12th edition of the show. UPDATE: The first casting call is actually March 27 in Los Angeles. Via the "Big Brother" casting twitter account: **LOS ANGELES OPEN CALL: "650 NORTH" Sat. March 27th 11AM-3PM 650 North La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90069 **AUSTIN, TX OPEN CALL: "Hill Country Galleria Amphitheater" Thurs April 1st 2-6PM 12700 Hill Country Blvd. Bee Cave, TX 78738 **GREENSBORO, NC OPEN CALL: "Battleground Kia" Weds, April 7th 4 - 8 pm 2927 Battleground Avenue Greensboro, NC 27408 **NASHVILLE, TN OPEN CALL: "McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon" Fri April 30th 5-9PM 134 Second Ave. North Nashville, TN 37201 CBS has not officially announced these open casting calls but the "Big Brother" casting twitter account has always had the dirt in past seasons. Source Here

Big Brother 11: The After Party

Okay, so Big Brother 11 had its run and this is most probably the last article we'll be writing about it. There are still some unsettled things regarding the season, which is why Ross Matthews of Inside Dish invaded the set of the reality series for the after party. The HGs revealed their thoughts on this crazy summer we've experienced with them, from all the strategic bullying Russell did to the bedroom moments between Lydia and Jessie. "It was one of the best summers I've ever had," the Shotgun declared. He probably couldn't say the same for Chima, but she wasn't there to defend herself anyway. Another highlight of the interview was Casey promoting his banana goods. Um, that really didn't sound right. Julie already mentioned it in one of the competitions, but let's plug the merchandise anyway. You can visit for all your Big Brother banana needs. As usual (though you might not want to hear about it), Natalie starts defending the lie she made about her age. "Saying that I was 18 maybe hurt me in the end, but I wouldn't have got to the end if I didn't say I was 18," she said. "The plan for me saying I was 18 was I wanted people to think 'Well, she's young, so since she's young, she's naive, she's gullible.'" We can leave her to stereotype the youth with her words, but at least she's happy for Jordan. Jordan also has the respect of Jeff, who admits how proud he is of the Big Brother 11 winner. "The moment for me was the last key drawn was mine, so that was nice," Jeff exclaimed. Meanwhile, there's been talk of the Jessie-Lydia showmance being just more than that. Since she didn't want to divulge the details, Lydia just drew a picture of their relationship for Ross Matthews. Sadly, there were no unicorns. Or maybe that's a good thing. To Read More Click Here .

Big Brother 11: Why Jessie Turned His Back on Natalie

One of the more surprising jury votes this season was Jessie's, who we were sure would vote for Natalie because of his personal relationship with her in the house. However, the Hulk has made it clear that he has more respect for those who fight their own battles. As we know, that wasn't the strategy of the Big Brother runner-up (wow, I couldn't even bring myself to call her that). CBS caught up with Jessie Godderz during the series after party and had him explain why exactly he voted for Jordan to win this season. The two never really liked each other, which is why we were shocked by his decision. "I'm happy Jordan won," Jessie began the interview. "Congratulations to Jordan!" He even said he finally agreed with America on something at last. Explaining why he didn't vote for Natalie in the end, Jessie announced: "I went in the house respecting people that were gonna win. I wanted to surround myself with people that were planning on winning because if not, when push came to shove, if you don't plan on wnning the week that I just won when I won HoH, you have no relevance to me whatsoever." He then went on to tell us that he soon got sick of Natalie telling him that she planned on winning over and over, but didn't follow through. "She dug her own grave, dug her own hole and jumped in it," Jessie said. "She wanted to piggyback off everybody else to success and then win afterwards." It was simply her strategy that Jessie couldn't accept, which is why his respect stays with Jordan. "To me I can respect a winner - Jordan won twice," he explained. "That's pretty much why I voted for Jordan." Well, I suppose we can't really needle him about being jealous of Natalie's engagement, and he probably isn't that devastated too. Jessie's lost most of his respect for the girl because of what she did in the game, which is why he might just stick to Lydia after all this. Source Here

'Big Brother 11' Interview: Natalie Has No Regrets

Natalie lied about her age, her engagement and countless other things in the Big Brother house and all it got her was $50,000. But she also earned something even more valuable: hatred. Based on what I've seen from the fan reactions, Natalie is easily the single most hated Big Brother HG of all-time, which isn't easy since she has some major competition. In our interview, Natalie talked about being the most hated HG in Big Brother history, how she predicted and saw almost everything that went down in the house, why she wasn't surprised by Jessie's vote for Jordan, and why Michele is NOT invited to her wedding. To Read More Click Here .

Interview with 'Big Brother 11' Winner Jordan: "It Was Meant to Be"

In the tense two-hour Big Brother 11 finale, Jordan, the unlikeliest of winners, not only defeated Kevin for the final HoH, but then won out over Natalie by a vote of 5-2, taking home the half million dollars. The sweet but seemingly naive girl who wouldn't hurt a fly and didn't make an enemy in the house proved that winning Big Brother isn't just about who has the sneakiest strategy. In our interview, Jordan talked about how a nice girl finished first, the status of her relationship with Jeff, and how she plans to learn the difference between nectarines and peaches. To Read More Click Here .

Big Brother 11 Latest Episode: Season 11, Episode 30

The winner is chosen by the jury members. Following the selection, the cast members discuss their time in the house. Julie Chen is the host. Watch & Discuss: Watch Big Brother 11 Season 11, Episode 30 Read Big Brother 11's Review: Season 11, Episode 30