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'Big Brother' Crowns Jordan Lloyd as Winner

After 73 days shield from the outside world, Jordan Lloyd came out of the " Big Brother " house $500,000 richer. The 22-year-old waitress from Matthews, N.C. beat 24-year-old student Natalie Martinez on the season finale airing Tuesday, September 15. Jordan first beat Kevin Campbell during the tiebreaker and evicted him. Kevin and the last six evictees on the show except for Chima Simone then became the members of Jury who will determine who should be crowned the winner. The panel interrogated Jordan and Natalie separately regarding their games before casting in their votes. Jordan won by five votes with Russell Kairouz and Kevin favoring Natalie. Making use of the prize, Jordan said she would put a down payment on a house for her mother and brother, give money to her cousins for college and buy herself a new car. 31-year-old salesman Jeff Schroeder meanwhile, won the America's Favorite player title and went home with $25,000 in cash. "It wasn't even close," host Julie Chen said about the votes from audience. Source Here

Big Brother 11: Who Deserves To Win?

It's finale night tomorrow and there are three HGs fighting for that grand prize. Why wouldn't they, since it's money you can fill a pool with? That is if you have no idea what to do with it. Anyway, we've got three contenders left - Natalie, Kevin and Jordan. While we can't decide who takes home the cash, we can still try seeing who really deserves it. Let's play jurors. It's tough to say right out which of the final three should win Big Brother . There's plenty to consider - from how they behaved in the house to how they played, and even their actual need of the money. These three categories are actually just too appropriate for the remaining HGs, but even these won't make them win the game. If we consider the first one - behavior in the house - we've got ourselves an issue with Natalie. Even though she tried her best to not make enemies with the others, the lie about her age will seriously cost her the win. Those at the Jury already know of her deception, so it's one strike against her. There's also been a lot of hatred towards Natalie as a human being, simply because of how she's acting in the house. She's obnoxious, no doubt about it, and there's that fact about her not taking enough baths. It's not exactly a basis for winning the game, but who'd root for you if you have hygiene problems? It's just that attitude of hers that make us wonder why she's engaged to some guy. She's basically one of the main enemy of BB fans right now. Still, she claims to be the proponent of Operation Bosley, the move that led to Jeff's downfall. It might be her only saving grace in this game, and she had to share that with Kevin. As for Jordan, we know how much she needs the money. Really needs it. Jeff has been trying to point out that she's simply got to win BB since she has to buy a house for her mom. Or something like that. Bottom line is, she could be playing the sympathy card and it's probably why she still has supporters. Her game wasn't that terrible either. She may have hidden behind Jeff for most of the season, but she redeemed herself on the second part of the final HoH competition. It's definitely something she'll be remembered for, ditching that dumb blonde act and stepping up. But maybe all we have to look at is who the best at competitions was. Among the three, that is. Kevin has pulled his weight when he had no one else to hide behind, winning PoVs and HoHs here and there. Also, despite his hesitation earlier in the game, he's made rather bold decisions in the house - which is more than what we can say for Natalie and Jordan. He may even have the Jury rallying behind him. Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009 - Featured

* The Biggest Loser (8/7c NBC) The Biggest Loser gang are back for an eighth season, this time with a "second chances" theme. Last season's heaviest contestant, Daniel Wright, returns to the ranch to finish his weight loss. The other 15 players are new to the competition and include a social worker, who is the heaviest player in Biggest Loser history; a youth pastor; and a teacher, who has endured a terrible tragedy. In tonight's premiere, the contestants visit Dr. Huizenga for a preliminary health assessment. * Ruby & the Rockits (8:30/7:30c ABC Family) As if this series wasn't enough of a family affair already, Shirley Jones (David Cassidy's stepmother and Patrick Cassidy's mother) guest stars tonight as...David and Patrick's mom. Mama Gallagher meets Ruby for the first time, and she's not very receptive to bonding with her new granddaughter, even going so far as to request that Ruby address her as "Mrs. Gallagher" instead of "Grandma." Guess that rules out any cheery "C'mon Get Happy" family sing-alongs. * Big Brother 11 (9/8c CBS) Will it be Jordan, Kevin or Natalie who pockets the $500,000 grand prize on tonight's two-hour season finale? A lot will depend on whether Jordan or Kevin wins the last Head of Household competition. The victor gets to select the person he or she sits next to in the finals by personally evicting the unlucky third wheel. * More to Love (8/7c Fox) Questions to ponder during tonight's Malissa-Tali final: Has Luke gotten beyond any cultural divide that might have distanced him from Israeli native Tali? (And who knew that she's a water-phobic Navy veteran!) And is Malissa in it for Luke or to win? Last week, she said the former, of course, but did that overcome his fear of rejection? (Isn't it supposed to be the other way around on this show?) We'll find out in due time (two hours' worth), but first it's time to meet Luke's folks. * The Cleaner (10/9c A&E ) In this series, the good often goes hand-in-hand with the bad and that's certainly the case in the Season 2 finale. William confronts the heartbreaking scenario of a friend (Richard Lewis, who has battled alcoholism in real life) who could lose his family because of his addiction. On the other hand, William is ready to greet seven years of sobriety, an event that PK wants to mark with a surprise party. Source Here

Big Brother 11 Latest Episode: Season 11, Episode 28

Another houseguest is evicted from the compound. Watch & Discuss: Watch Big Brother 11: Season 11, Episode 28 Read Big Brother 11's Review: Season 11, Episode 28

CBS Orders Big Brother 12 for Summer 2010

Good news, Big Brother lovers: CBS has ordered a 12th season of the voyeuristic reality show to air next summer. The current season, which wraps up with a live two-hour finale on Sept. 15, is up 11 percent in viewers from last summer. The show also continues to be a powerhouse online, as video streams of the show were up 94 percent from a year ago, and a record 11.6 million users logged on to vote for this season's coup d'etat power. The show, one of the guiltiest of guilty pleasures, features contestants who live in a camera-rigged house and have their lives taped 24 hours a day as they compete against, yell at and occasionally sleep with one another on their way toward winning $500,000. Are you excited to have the show back next summer?

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, Sept. 10, 2009 - Featured

* Vampire Diaries (8/7c The CW ) Kevin Williamson, the creator of Dawson's Creek and the Scream fright flicks, combines two of his favorite things - teens and horror - in his promising adaptation of the pre-Twilight young-adult book series that nevertheless owes its TV existence to Twilight's mega-success. In tonight's predictable but polished opener, Stefan (Paul Wesley), a centuries-old vampire who doesn't look a day over 19 and refuses to drink human blood, returns to his Virginia hometown to pursue a high-school student (Nina Dobrev) who reminds him of a long-lost love. Of course, Stefan's evil brother (Ian Somerhalder) shows up to complicate things. * NFL Opening Kickoff 2009 (8/7c NBC) This year's sixth annual salute to the Super Bowl-winning team features three-time Grammy winners Tim McGraw and the Black Eyed Peas performing in a free concert in Pittsburgh, hosted by Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers. Don't expect to see much of any of them the show's only a half hour. Pro-football fans will want to stay tuned for the main event at 8:30 pm/ET as real honest-to-goodness NFL games get underway, with the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Tennessee Titans. * Big Brother 11 (8/7c CBS) Who will be the two finalists who will compete for jury votes on Tuesday and the $500,000 grand prize? The last Head of Household competition will go a long way in determining which of the three remaining houseguests will be evicted later tonight. It's certainly the most important showdown of the season. * Supernatural (9/8c The CW ) All hell breaks loose - literally - as the fifth season of the supernatural thriller begins. Fans will recall from last season's finale that Lilith's death broke the 66th and last remaining seal that kept Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) confined to hell. Now he is free to roam the Earth and cause destruction at will. Looks like Sam and Dean have their work cut out for them this year. * Project Runway (10/9c Lifetime Television ) Our threaders made waves in the previous episode when they took a fashion field trip to the shores of California and designed fun surf wear, complete with an avant-garde companion piece. Cool Ra'Mon rode the wave to a win, but life was a beach for wipeout victim Mitchell. With the Season 6 needling already spiking (Epperson vs. Qristyl), we move onward. Thirteen is the lucky number when the group is slated to create clothes for 13 folks of the fairer sex tonight. * Ace of Cakes (10/9c Food Network ) When NFL superstar Tom Brady needs a cake, Duff and Co. get busy. They create a confection for the Best Buddies International gala, which will be hosted by the Patriots quarterback. Meanwhile, Ben works on an elaborate robot cake inspired by Doctor Who. Later, the Charm City Cakes crew takes to the paintball field to settle some bakery grievances, and Duff and Mary Alice make their long-awaited stage debut. Source Here

Top Five Shows To Watch This Week: 'Melrose,' 'Glee' & More

This week the top 5 shows you should be watching will possibly reveal what object was involved in a hit-and-run on 90210 , who will compete for the $500,000 " Big Brother 11 " grand prize and show us a performance that will, once again, blow our minds. Viewers will also get to meet the newest people in our television lives - the cast of ' Melrose Place (2009) ' and the cast of 'Vampire Diaries.' Read More: - Top Five Shows To Watch This Week: 'Melrose,' 'Glee' & More

Big Brother 11 Latest Episode: Season 11, Episode 25

Another houseguest is evicted from the compound. Julie Chen is the host. Watch & Discuss: Watch Big Brother 11: Season 11, Episode 25

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, Sept. 3, 2009 - Featured

* Big Brother 11 (8/7c CBS) Russell was the unanimous choice for eviction last week and no one was really sorry to see him go, and some, namely Jeff and Jordan, let him know it. But in just 12 days he will be one of the jury members who determines the $500,000 winner. Tonight, the final four will be revealed after one unlucky houseguest gets the boot. So, who will join current Head of Household Kevin in the final quartet and perhaps be just a dozen days away from the ultimate prize? * Into the Pride (8/7c Animal Planet ) Heavens to Murgatroyd! Time flies when you're living in the wild with a pack of (potentially) man-eating big cats. It's been six months and Dave Salmoni, animal lover and conservationist, has done what he can to curb the bad attitudes of the Erindi Reserve's rogue lions. Now it's time for him to say his good-byes and return home, or as Snagglepuss would say, "Exit, stage left!" * A Dog Year (8/7c HBO ) It may be the Year of the Ox in China, but it's gone to the dogs in this 2009 comedy-drama based on the best-selling memoir by Jon Katz. Jeff Bridges stars as Katz, an author with writer's block and a fizzled marriage whose midlife crisis becomes even more difficult after he adopts an abused dog, an energetic border collie that challenges Katz to shake himself out of a downward spiral. The film is the directorial debut for screenwriter George LaVoo, and also stars Lauren Ambrose and Lois Smith. * The Real Housewives of Atlanta (10/9c Bravo ) The heat is on in Hotlanta with more diva dynamics and developments. First there's Kim, who lays down the law to a newly arriving nanny, but at least she also sets out to make peace with Lisa. And NeNe is knee-deep in a project, directing her fellow belles in a photo shoot, during which Kim and Sheree begin to click. But there's a serious turn of events when Kandi suffers a family tragedy - her plans for an engagement party now shattered. * Bones (8/7c Fox) In this repeat from May (the penultimate episode of Season 4), Brennan shocks Booth with her sudden desire to have a baby - and she wants him to be the father! Stunned, Booth does his best to process this momentous decision with some help from Family Guy's Stewie Griffin (voice of Seth MacFarlane). Of course, we now know what Booth's hallucinations were all about, but it can't hurt to have a little refresher (the Season 4 finale repeats next week) before Season 5 begins on Sept. 17. Source Here

'Big Brother 11' Interview: Loud Russell Looking Forward to "Quiet Time"

Much like the month of March, Russell came into Big Brother 11 like a lion, but went out like a lamb. He was front and center in almost every heated argument and verbal throwdown of the season. He accosted Jeff over his use of the word "technotronics," he called Michele a psycho, Ronnie a rat, Jordan fat, and Chima a racist. But after all that excitement, Russell proved that his confrontational verbal attacks were part of his Big Brother strategy, an attempt to become one of the all-0time great Big Brother villains like Evel Dick and Dr. Will. In our interview with Russell, he talked about the worst part of being stuck in the Jury House with Jessie and Lydia, why he never wants to see Chima again, and his somewhat surprising choice for the HG he'd most like to stay friends with. To Read More Click Here .