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Big Brother 11 Latest Episode: Season 11, Episode 22

Another houseguest is evicted from the compound. Julie Chen hosts. Watch & Discuss: Watch Big Brother 11: Season 11, Episode 22

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009 - Featured

* Big Brother 11 (8/7 CT CBS) It doesn't matter who is on the chopping block tonight because one of the houseguests will secretly be given the power of coup d'etat, which allows him or her to replace one or both nominees for eviction right before the live vote. Viewer votes determine the coup d'etat winner and the person can use the newfound advantage tonight or next week. It may seem unfair to Russell, this week's Head of Household who made the nominations, but it's a great way to get fans involved and to shake up the game. * So You Think You Can Dance (8/7 CT Fox) It all started on May 21 with the first round of auditions, but we've finally arrived on the magical night of the Season 5 finale. Brandon Bryant, Evan Kasprzak, Jeanine Mason and Kayla Radomski have made it this far, but only one of them can be crowned America's favorite dancer. In addition to tonight's dramatic ending, the evening also features performances by hip-hop dance group the Rage Boyz Crew and So You Think You Can Dance Australia Season 2 winner Talia Fowler. * Burn Notice (9/8 CT USA Network ) Fiona and Michael haven't exactly been seeing eye-to-eye these days as Michael remains determined to find his way back into the intelligence community. But all that conflict is pushed to the back burner in tonight's summer finale when a dangerous man from Fiona's past returns to Miami and goes after the spunky ex-operative. Needless to say, Michael is none too happy about it. He pairs up with Fiona's brother to get his girl back. * Bollywood Hero (10/9 CT IFC) Former SNLer Chris Kattan has the role he was born to play - himself - in this engaging and enjoyable three-part miniseries, which airs over three consecutive nights. Languishing in parts that he deems beneath him (his latest is a "rambunctious alien" in a "moronic" sci-fi cable show), he feels that he's ready to step up to "leading man...hero" status. So when an Indian filmmaker offers him the starring role in a Bollywood epic in which he "fights, dances and gets the girl," he accepts. Ah, but not all turns out to be cinematic nirvana for him. * Man vs. Fish with Matt Watson (10/9 CT Discovery Channel) When Roy Scheider's police chief Martin Brody met the great white from Jaws, his desire to be on a bigger boat became part of our pop-culture lexicon. When a mako shark smiles for his close-up in the debut of this aptly titled reality series, extreme fisherman Matt Watson meets the pointy-toothed predator while manning a sinking raft. Let's hope the host doesn't get too "chummy" with his guest. * Biography (10/9 CT Biography) In "Badlands," one of his countless blue-collar anthems, Bruce Springsteen sang the words, "talk about a dream; try to make it real." But he's done more than talk. From the time he first bought an electric guitar at a pawnshop, Springsteen made his dream a reality by becoming the voice of the common man. As Bono said at Springsteen's 1999 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, "They call him the 'Boss.'...He's not the boss. He works for us." Springsteen also rose above early-career hype (including simultaneous Time and Newsweek covers) to create songs and characters brimming with integrity and passion. This hour recalls his life and his enduring career. Source Here

Big Brother 11: Why I Love Russell and Michele

Something very special and magical happened on tonight's episode of Big Brother 11: Ronnie, Jessie, Natalie and Chima got the swift kick in the butt they've been asking for since this season began. They tried to meagerly defend themselves, but for the first time, they weren't on the winning team, and all four of them were as deflated as balloons on January 1 at 9am. This much-deserved rude awakening came in the hands of two HGs who have jumped to the top of my all-star list: Russell and Michele. One used brute force to shut down Ronnie's crew, but the other used brains and wits to outsmart him. I'll let you guess who did what. BRussell's greatness came from telling everyone that he wants Ronnie out because he doesn't trust him at all. Jessie, Natalie and Chima try to talk him out of it, but their pitiful, demoralized pleas are met with deaf ears. It's not so easy being on the outside looking in, and it gives me the greatest schadenfreude to see their flaccid impotence. Michele, on the other hand, finally put that Ph.D. to good use. She realized that Natalie, Jessie and Chima want Ronnie to stay and Jeff, Jordan and Kevin want him out, making her the all-important swing vote. Despite Ronnie's previous claims that his master manipulating skills could be used to get Michele to do whatever he wanted, Michele is her own woman. In the PoV competition, it's half guessing how much of something there is and half strategy by choosing to stay in with your vote or folding. Thanks to the fact that Michele works with rats, she's able to fake a low guess for one item and make everyone else fold, giving her the first of three brilliantly strategic points and letting her win her second PoV in a row. My love for Michele grew as Ronnie came to her, first with a soft sell, and then with a hard sell. He tried to forcefully explain that keeping him is the logical thing to do, and that if he is evicted, Michele will lose. I'm astonished that she doesn't laugh in his stupid rat face. But as great as Russell and Michelle are individually, the best part of this Big Brother 11 episode is when they combine forces. The two hang out in the HoH room and talk for a long time, though they're both on the same page about evicting Ronnie. The genius is that Jessie and Natalie are right outside, and the longer Russell and Michele stay in their, the more paranoid Jessie and Natalie become about one of them being backdoored. Jessie, Natalie and Ronnie are Michele's lab rats, and electrocution cheese is the only thing on the menu. For most episodes, this would be enough for me, especially since Jessie, Natalie and Chima openly admit that Ronnie is a dead man walking. But the cherry on this ice cream sundae is the implosion of Russell and Chima's showmance (which makes its first and only appearance in this episode). Basically, Chima is a super jealous psycho diva. She and Ronnie have a talk about how Russell and Michele are going to go home because they were dumb enough to target Ronnie, and Russell overhears every word. Yet somehow, Chima has the brass cojones to call Russell paranoid. News flash, you wannabe diva: it's not paranoia if people REALLY ARE talking about you behind your back. Source:

'Big Brother 11' Spoilers: Week 4 PoV Results

It's been a week of changes and shifting alliances on Big Brother 11. The dissolution of the cliques, news of a super secret mystery power and Russell striking a deal with Jeff to win HoH have led to some interesting choices. Who won the Power of Veto, and was it used for the fourth week in a row? Continue reading to find out. BIG BROTHER SPOILER WARNING: This article contains results of the Power of Veto competition and ceremony. The streak is over, as the PoV was NOT used this week in the Big Brother house. For the second week in a row, Michele won the Power, but elected not to use it, keeping Russell's nominees Ronnie and Lydia the same. This definitely does not bode well for Ronnie the Rat. He may have a solid alliance with Jessie, Natalie and Chima, but this week it takes four votes to evict, and the newly named Sunshine Crew (Jeff, Jordan, Russell and Michele) has their eyes on Ronnie. That's 3-3, but with Lydia's BFF Kevin as the remaining vote, it's impossible to imagine he'd betray the only true friend he has in the house. Basically, it looks the Ronnie, the world champion debater and master manipulator extraordinaire, will be evicted in the first week that his alliance wasn't in power. It's easy to avoid eviction when your friends are in charge, but the mark of a truly great player is whether they can survive when they're not in power, and this week, it looks like Ronnie's chickens are finally coming home to roost. Source :

Top Moments: The Bachelorette Gets Engaged, a Banana Splits on Big Brother and More - Featured

Strange invitations abounded this week, from "Would you like to date Michael Jackson?" to "Want to drink beers and talk about racial profiling?" Still, at least one proposal has worked out great - at least so far. Welcome to Top Moments, Indecent Proposal Edition. 7. Odd Couple Award: Katie Couric tells David Letterman that Michael Jackson once asked her out through a rabbi who was Jackson's spiritual advisor. Unfortunately, she was seeing someone and said no. We don't know which story is better: this, or Magic Johnson's tale of Jackson eating fried chicken. Why didn't we get to hear all these wonderful accounts while the man was still alive? They make him seem so... normal. 6. Best Poll: CNN's The Situation Room reports on a poll that shows that Americans are sharply divided over President Obama's health care plan, then drops a bombshell: There isn't one. People have all sorts of ideas about specifics, the network says, but the president hasn't offered any. The segment concludes with a good question: Should the president, Congress, or the news media do a better job of making the facts known? 5. Sudsiest Photo Op: Obama and Vice President Joe Biden gather with Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Cambridge police Sgt. James Crowley for beers - and a talk about race. While Gates and Crowley disagree on whether race was a factor in Gates' arrest after breaking into his own home, everyone involved pledges to move forward. And not to drive home. 4. Filthiest Fake Insult: By sending a misspelled text message, Rescue Me 's increasingly crazy and aggressive Sheila accidentally creates a brand-new cutdown, one too filthy to repeat here. (Hint: It rhymes with runf.) 3. Best Insult to Injury: Big Brother 's Casey finds himself forced to (unsuccessfully) plead to Jessie to keep his spot in the house - while wearing a banana costume. It's hard to take anyone seriously who's wearing that shade of yellow. 2. He Said What? Award: Glenn Beck stops by Fox and Friends to offer his observation that Obama has "a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture." Challenged on his statement, he elaborates: "I'm not saying that he doesn't like white people. I'm saying that he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist." 1. Best Proposal: Moments after spurned bachelor Reid's failed proposal to The Bachelorette 's Jillian, Ed has the brilliant idea of asking what she thinks of him before popping the question, instead of after. It works: She says she loves him, and they're now engaged. Source Here

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Ratings for Kings' Royal Send-Off, Dirty Sexy and More

Ratings highlights from the weekend: * Saturday The series finale of NBC's Kings commanded 1.81 million total viewers, gaining 15 percent week-to-week. ABC's Dirty Sexy Money played to 1.83 mil, dropping 15 percent from its first (questionable) episode back. * Sunday With an audience of 6.17 million viewers, Big Brother 11 was up 590K from its previous nomination ceremony and was the night's second-most watched program, trailing only its lead-in, 60 Minutes . NBC's Merlin held steady at 4.2 mil, while lead-out The Storm (starring James Van Der Beek and David James Elliott) premiered Part 1 to 4.9 mil, which is on par with the debut of time-slot predecessor Meteor . Source Here

Exclusive Interview with Laura from 'Big Brother 11'

If Big Brother 11 was supposed to be about stereotyping adults into old high school cliques, than Laura broke the mold. A bikini model with large breasts, she's the kind of girl you'd look at and instantly dismiss as a dumb airhead. But during her time in the Big Brother house, Laura defied those expectations and proved herself to be one of the smartest, most rational players in Big Brother history. So, naturally, she was evicted in week 2. I spoke to Laura after her elimination, and if possible, she sounds even smarter and more poised in conversation. Laura talked about being a student of the game and some of her favorite past houseguests, her plot to systematically reveal Ronnie for the rat he is, and the possibility of Ronnie somehow winning the whole game. To Read More Click Here .

Ratings: Samantha Who? Bids Us Adieu - Featured

Thursday's ratings recap: * 8/7 CT Big Brother 11 topped the hour with an audience of 6.42 million total viewers, up 15 percent week-to-week. The final two episodes of Samantha Who? averaged 3.39 million viewers, placing third behind a Bones repeat. * 9/8 CT So You Think You Can Dance 's 100th-episode celebration - featuring a blink-and-you-missed-it performance by Katie Holmes - drew 8.42 million viewers, a 20 percent surge from last week. * 10/9 CT A The Mentalist repeat was the night's most watched program, with 9.54 million viewers. NBC's final broadcast airing of The Listener delivered 3.38 mil, dropping 500K. ( will stream the series' final five episodes in August. ) Source Here

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