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BONES/SLEEPY HOLLOW Crossover Photos: The Resurrection in the Remains

The worlds of BONES and SLEEPY HOLLOW are coming together in two special episodes airing on Thursday, October 29th. The first hour, The Resurrection in the Remains, has SLEEPY HOLLOWs Abbie and Ichabod visiting the Jeffersonian to claim the body of a headless corpse that Booth, Brennan, and co. have been investigating. Check out some []

BONES: The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves Photos Betty White Guest Stars!

BONES is welcoming Betty White to mix in the October 22nd hour, The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves, as Dr. Beth Mayer, an accomplished, sharp as a tack, absolutely fabulous squintern who is brought in to assist in a murder linked to fantasy football. Check out some photos of the hour! BONES airs Thursdays at 8 []

'Bones' Episode 11.4 Photos: Will Brennan Feel Competitive with Betty White's Dr. Mayer Around?

Official episodic photos for Bones season 11 episode 4, "The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves," airing Thursday, October 22. From FOX: "When remains of real estate agent Justin Ross are discovered in a forest and appear to have been destroyed by coyote-wolf hybrids, Brennan enlists the help of fellow brilliant forensic anthropologist Dr. Beth Mayer (guest star Betty White) to assist in the investigation. In addition to her professional achievements, Mayer is surprisingly knowledgeable about the world of fantasy football, a key link to Ross? past and one that could provide vital information in finding his killer. As Booth and Aubrey dig into Ross? fantasy football league history, they discover he was actively involved in a Twitter feud with NFL star Lou Divers (guest star Ronde Barber), and was also owed a large sum of money from the league?s commissioner, making each of them suspects. Meanwhile, Brennan resists feeling competitive as Mayer impresses the team with her expertise and decades of accomplishments."  Read More...

Bones Video: Booth Gets a Rude Awakening on First Day Back at Work

Talk about adding insult to injury. On Thursdays Bones (8/7c, Fox), Booth hot on the heels of his near-death experience returns to work at the FBI only to discover that there have been a few changes during his months-long absence. Its great to be here, the rejuvenated G-man declares to his colleagues as []

'Sleepy Hollow': 'Bones' crossover, shipping, and more on what's in store for season 3

Before the Sleepy Hollow panel thrilled fans at New York Comic Con, the cast and crewsat down with EWs Kyle Anderson to chat about the upcoming season. Stars Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills), Zach Appelman (Joe Corbin), and Nikki Reed (Betsy Ross), and executive producer Raven Metzner...   Read More....

First Bones/Sleepy Hollow Crossover Photo: Ichabod and Brennan Confer and It's So. Awesomely. Weird. -

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: a Revolutionary War captain walks into a lab run by a socially awkward genius… and we’ve got your exclusive first look at their meeting. Above is a photo from Fox’s upcoming Bones / Sleepy Hollow crossover, a two-hour event that finds Brennan, Booth, Ichabod and Abbie collaborating as the discovery of human remains leads to the return of one of Crane’s enemies. Read the full article at .

[Videos] 'Bones' Sneak Peek: What is Agent Miller Keeping from the Team?

What happened to Booth? That's the question that "The Brother in the Basement" has to answer on Bones , but first, the team is going to need Agent Miller to be honest with them. It turns out that Miller has been keeping vital information secret that could help them find the missing Booth. Meanwhile, the Jeffersonian gets a surprise visitor, FBI digital forensic scientist Dr. Benjamin Metzger, who works with Angela to decode information the team has uncovered regarding Booth's location and why he disappeared.   Read More...

Bones Sneak Peek: Booth Fights for Survival Watch the Gross Video

When Bones Season 11 premiere came to a close last week, Booth was a bloody basket case. So will he go into the light, as one of his criminal cohorts suggests in TVLines exclusive video from Thursdays episode (Fox, 8/7c)? Not likely. This is Seeley Booth were talking about. Desperate to remain among the living []

Finally! Brennan Returns to the Jeffersonian Team in This Bones Sneak Peek and We're Jumping for Joy

Hell hath no fury like a Brennan scorned. E News hasan exclusive sneak peek at Bones' Oct. 8 episode, which finds Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and the Jeffersonian Team on a...   Read More...

'Bones' Teasers: 5 Things You Need While Watching 'The Brother in the Basement'

There isn't much to joke about in "The Brother in the Basement." Infact, making light ofhe second half of the season 11 Bones premierewould go over like cracking jokes at a burial. Not cool. "The Brother in the Basement" is an intense ride that changes, well, everyone 's lives. At the end of the episode there still remain several mysteries, both personal and professional, that have yet to be resolved. Is it a satisfying Bones -y episode? You bet it is.   Read More...